What is reality 3


Gernot Wersig's introduction to journalism and communication studies is more than the title suggests. It is the scientific entry into the media change. As a graduate of journalism studies in 1967, Wersig has since represented the subject of information science, for a long time associated and curricularly integrated into journalism and communication studies at the Free University of Berlin. In this way, the reader experiences the subject from a perspective that is becoming increasingly important today: the development of communication (technologies) as a channel for exchange, private, public or commercial. Interdisciplinarity is just as much a bracket for the plant as it is for the subject in general.

With a focus on the German region, Wersig conveys the interplay between communication, people and media, from the development of communication in its prehistoric beginnings to the emergence of communicative orders. The mass communication research derived from this is just as important as the history of the scientific discipline.

In this way, taken up by the editors Jan Krone and Tobias Müller-Prothmann, a modern and up-to-date interpretation of journalism and communication science has emerged, which makes it possible to offer readers a variety of orientation in the communicatively digitizing society.

The work is particularly suitable for:

- Bachelor students who are confronted with communication in their degree programs,

- Master’s students who want to supplement or refresh their knowledge in specialized courses,

- Professionals in the media sector who want to become familiar with other types of media due to the media change,

- Representatives of related scientific disciplines who cannot separate their teaching and research spectrum from media and communication.