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The pension calculation

Many factors play a role in determining the pension amount. The German pension insurance calculates the pension based on the so-called Pension points or earnings points. These depend, among other things, on:

  • income
  • Contributions to the pension insurance
  • Parenting times
  • Training times
  • Periods of unemployment
  • Length of working life

For example, if the income this year is at the level of the average salary (West: 40,551 euros / East: 37,898 euros), employees will receive one full earnings point for this. If they earn more or less, the point is adjusted accordingly.

As soon as they retire, the points collected multiplied by the current pension value. It is one pay point currently in the old federal states 34.19 euros and in the new 33.05 euros value.

Due to the complex criteria of the pension calculation, it is not possible to make an exact statement about the personal pension. However, our pension estimator gives a good impression of the amount of pension pensioners can expect.


The further into the future you will retire, the more imprecise the pension calculation will be. For example, the level of income can change a lot. It is therefore sensible to check with a specialist which old-age benefits can be expected and which ones Retirement strategy is best in terms of pension amount, costs and flexibility.