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Facts and figures about people with Down syndrome

How many people with Down syndrome are there in Germany? How old are you How many people with Down syndrome have a job in the 1st job market?

You hear and read many facts and figures about people with Down syndrome.
But where do these numbers actually come from?

In Germany there are birth and death registers.
They are in every city.
There it is counted: How many people are born in a year?
And: how many people died in a year?

These numbers have been collected for many years.

Information about people in Germany is collected in the birth register and the death register.
For example age. Or gender.

In Germany it is not counted how many people are born with Down syndrome.
Or how many people with Down syndrome die.
It is also not counted: How many abortions are made because the unborn child has Down syndrome?

It is different in other countries.
For example in Denmark.
There all these numbers are collected.
For more than 50 years.

That means: All the figures that you hear and read in Germany are only estimates.
Or they just apply to a small group of people with Down syndrome.
Or the numbers come from other countries.

Nobody knows exactly how many people there are with Down syndrome in Germany or around the world.

How many people with Down syndrome are there in the world?
The German Down Syndrome Infocenter writes on its website:

A baby with Down syndrome is born every 3 minutes.
A total of around 5 million people worldwide live with Down syndrome.

This number is an estimate.

How many people with Down syndrome live in Germany?
In 2013, WDR made a program in the Quarks & Co series on the subject of “Living with Down's Syndrome”.
The program estimates that there are around 50,000 people with Down syndrome in Germany.
As many as dental doctors.

In every how many pregnancies is a pregnancy with trisomy 21 included?
There are almost no figures on this question.
In Denmark there was a study of how long people with Down syndrome lived.
They compared 3,500 people with and without Down syndrome.

The study was done in 2013.

One assumption of this study is:
In 1: 700 births, a child with trisomy 21 is born.
In other words, if you have 700 newborn babies, one of them is a baby with Down syndrome.

How old do people with Down syndrome get in Germany?
It used to be believed that people with Down syndrome will only live to be 30 years old.
That is not right.
The oldest member of the Ohrenkuss editorial team is Horst Kolbitz.
He is 63 years old.

The pharmacy review wrote in 2014:

How old people with trisomy 21 get depends primarily on the severity of a possible heart defect and the severity of the immune weakness.
While 30 years ago almost 90 percent of those affected died before the age of 25, life expectancy has now risen significantly to an average of around 60 years. "

The newspaper Die Welt estimates in 2012:

Every tenth person with Down syndrome reaches the age of 70.

These numbers are also estimates.
In Germany, the death certificate does not say: Did the person who died had Down's syndrome?

How many people with Down syndrome work in a workshop?
The magazine brand eins wrote in 2016:

There have never been so few people with mental or physical disabilities in this country.
And never before have so many employees in workshops for the disabled.

You have evaluated: How many people are registered in workshops for the disabled in Germany:

In the meanwhile around 700 social enterprises nationwide, 251,021 disabled people worked permanently in 2013 - almost 100,000 more than in 2000.
That means an increase of 63 percent.

It is not known how many people have Down syndrome.

Do people with Down syndrome live with their parents all their lives?
Again, there are no exact numbers.
The numbers that exist relate to people with intellectual disabilities.
Not just for people with Down syndrome.

The "Apotheken-Umschau" wrote in 2014 about the living situation of people with disabilities.
They use numbers from the Federal Association for Life Aid e.V.

420,000 people with intellectual disabilities live in Germany.
60 percent of them live with parents or relatives.
Around 120,000 people with intellectual disabilities live in residential facilities for the disabled.
Only a small part live alone with personal assistance or even completely independently.

Again, one does not know: How many of these people with intellectual disabilities are people with Down syndrome?

Can people with Down syndrome have children?
Do all of your children also have Down syndrome?

Yes, people with Down syndrome can become parents.
Men with Down syndrome can father children.
And women with Down syndrome can become mothers.
Not all of your children will automatically have Down syndrome.
But the likelihood of this is higher.

There are no reliable figures on this subject.
Up to now, very few people with Down syndrome have become parents in Germany.
There is very rarely good assistance for this.
The numbers are not enough to be accurate for all people with Down syndrome.