Can an online relationship work

Those who get to know each other online lead to happier relationships

Vienna - Online couples have happier relationships than offline couples. This is the result of the digital market and opinion research institute Marketagent. In a survey conducted in May and June of this year, 65 percent of those surveyed who met their current partner online said they were very satisfied with their relationship. Of all those respondents who found their partner off the Internet, 47 percent said so.

In order to be able to determine any differences between online and offline relationships, 203 people who had found their current relationship via the online dating platform Parship and 542 people who had met their partner offline were surveyed. It showed that the search for a partner on the Internet has long since arrived in the middle of society. When asked where you can get to know partners nowadays, two thirds of those surveyed said that this happened online, for example - ten years ago the figure was around 50 percent. The alternatives "when going out", "through friends or acquaintances" and "at work" have lost their reach and are now behind the "on the Internet" option.

Online partner search for those in a hurry

If relationships were established after 2002, according to the survey, they were initiated online in 23 percent of cases. They were ahead of partnerships based on friends or acquaintances (22 percent). On the other hand, only 14 percent of the couples can be traced back to getting to know each other while going out. For relationships that were established before 2002, the value in this regard was still a third, while only four percent met online at the time.

If you are in a hurry to find love, you should be right on the Internet: On average, it took the online couples surveyed from the first contact to the relationship just under two months. Offline it took an average of almost a year for the same procedure. At this point in time, the online users were already moving into a common household, which took an average of three years for the respondents from offline relationships. Marriage and the first child knock on the door for online couples after just under three years - for offline couples after 5.4 and 4.5 years, respectively.

What is easier online than offline

If the partner search took place offline, then in a third of the cases attention was paid to the appearance - on the other hand this was only the case for 18 percent of the respondents on the Internet, wrote Parship in a broadcast. In return, points were scored for the way they communicate online: 31 percent paid attention to it online - only six percent offline. When comparing the sexes, it was found that online men were more inclined to pay attention to the looks of potential partners, while women were more likely to pay more attention to what men said.

Self-determined people tended to let off steam online when looking for a partner: Slightly more than two thirds of the people who were there in search of their great love stated that they actively introduced the meeting and did not trust a higher power or fate . For the comparison group, it was the other way around - 61 percent thought their relationship was fateful.

The first step was easier for women online than offline: two fifths said they were responsible for this on the Internet. Only half as many did this offline. Men said they had taken the first step in seven out of ten cases, both online and offline. (APA, 8/24/2018)