What do operations managers do

What does an operations manager do?

As an operations manager, you work at the top level of a company. You are as Manager of a company responsible for the operational tasks and leads the company. You organize the business depending on the orientation of the company goals, which are specified by the company owner. That means you all economic, personnel and organizational basics manage to achieve the set goals and ideas. An important part of your work is therefore the control of business processes so that a company or company can be economically successful.

You can work as an operations manager in a wide variety of industries. Your daily work consists in ensuring that all processes in a company run smoothly. For example Financing, personnel management, resource management or production control be. If you are employed as an operations manager in a larger company or group with different locations, there may be other operations managers in addition to you. In addition, it is possible that you have also integrated the company management in your area of ​​responsibility - in this case you are also the Chief Operating Officer (COO).

How do you become an operations manager?

There is no precise, predetermined training path if you want to work as a plant manager. Since this is a very high position in a company, you need appropriate experience - both professionally and professionally. Often future operations managers study business, technical or management-oriented degree. It is important that the course prepares you not only theoretically, but also practically and subject-related. Of course, you can also have a technical training. Since you primarily need professional experience for the position as operations manager and have the necessary know-how in the corresponding economic sector, there are also many training and further education opportunities - tailored to "your" industry.


  • Leadership and management skills
  • High sense of responsibility
  • Organizational and coordination strength
  • Technical and content know-how
  • Commercial and technical understanding
  • Resilience and stress resistance

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