Is Donald Trump a nightmare for immigrants

US President Donald Trump offers naturalization for "Dreamer"

US President Donald Trump is turning back a bit from his tough immigration policy - with conditions: In the dispute over immigration policy, Trump wants to offer all 1.8 million young immigrants who have illegally entered the country the opportunity to become US citizens. This provides for an immigration policy plan that the White House presented. In return, Congress is set to set up a $ 25 billion trust fund to fund Trump's proposed wall on the border with Mexico and improve security on the border with Canada. At the same time, the rules for legal immigration are to be tightened. The family reunification of immigrants is to be curbed more strongly. In the future, migrants should only be allowed to bring up their spouses and minor children. The green card lottery for the raffle of residence permits is also to be abolished, which gives people from many different countries a chance to get a work and residence permit in the USA.

Trump wants to present his comprehensive legislative proposal, reported in the media, to Congress next week.

"The Department of Homeland Security must have the tools to deter illegal immigrants," a White House representative told journalists. "It must have the ability to expel individuals who have entered the United States illegally, and it must have the critical authorities to protect national security."

Obama's Daca Protection Program

The so-called Dreamer are protected from deportation from the USA until March by a decree issued by Trump's predecessor Barack Obama called Daca. Daca has given nearly 700,000 young immigrants the opportunity to work or study legally in the United States. Trump overturned the decree in September, but extended it until March to give Congress time to find a solution. The figure of 1.8 million people mentioned includes the "Dreamer" and also those young immigrants who have not come under the protection of the Daca program. You could then obtain US citizenship in ten to twelve years.

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