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your body is
I say Manny your body is like a car.
Donnie, your body is great, and I hate you for it.
There, your body is as good as new.
I've lost control, your face is pale your body is cold
Your body is healed very well.
Your body is become too dominant.
But you... your body is purely.
But your body is really the symbol of all the earth.
And your body is one with ours.
Vin, your body is simply good.
No, your body is more important than a bit of fun.
No, your body is Much more important than my having a good time.
Certainly, your body is not immortal.
But don't forget your body is just the ship.
I know exactly where your body is.
Would you say your body is determined?
Anthony, your body is a weapon whose destructive powers increase the angrier you get.
Anthony, your body is a weapon whose destructive power grows the angrier you get.
In fact you are nutritionally starved to your full yet your body is empty as far as nutrition.
In fact, you nutritionally hunger, your full, but your body is empty as far as nutrition.
You have to let go of all fear of illness and accidents, because your body is nothing but energy and cannot be destroyed.
You must lose all fear of sickness and accidents; as your body is nothing but energy, it cannot be harmed.
Metabolism slows down during sleep and your body is geared towards regeneration.
At bed time your metabolism slows down and your body is preparing for regeneration.
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