How can I make my face attractive

Attractiveness - What determines mutual attraction?

Everyone knows certain people who look gorgeous without much effort and also have that certain attraction. But what exactly is behind it? Science is also concerned with this topic: What do we find attractive? How does attractiveness influence our choice of partner and which factors have the greatest influence on our own attraction? 
We have summarized the most important answers to these questions and tips on how to work quickly on your own attractiveness here for you.

Mutual attraction: what makes men and women particularly interesting for one another?

One thing is certain: Those who are perceived as beautiful have advantages in life - including when choosing a partner. Positive internal qualities such as intellect and ambition are quickly attributed to an attractive person. That means: the more attractive we find someone, the better psychological qualities we suspect in this person - this phenomenon is called a so-called "Halo Effect" (from English halo = halo). So what exactly is crucial that we find each other attractive?


3 qualities that make women irresistible to men

1. A healthy complexion
A fresh, even and rosy complexion is particularly attractive to men. There are evolutionary reasons for this: If a woman looks healthy, it is likely that she will also be able to produce healthy offspring.
2. Naturalness
Of course, this is also a matter of taste, however in general, natural women look far more attractive on men, as artificially made-up women. Fake eyelashes, extensions and a lot of make-up can quickly become a deterrent for the opposite sex.
3. Confidence
Our own charisma can contribute immensely to how attractive we are perceived. Even the most beautiful dress will not help a woman if she is not comfortable with her body. So a confident demeanor is adecisive factor for attraction.

3 qualities that make a man more attractive

1. An angular face
Men with distinctive facial features, who also wear a three-day beard, seem irresistible to most women. Here, too, the original human comes through in us: these characteristics represent a healthy man, which still has a positive effect on women today.

2. Neatness
No matter how good you look - but if you walk around in the same three washed-out shirts, have hands that haven't seen nail scissors for a long time or it was a while ago that you were at the hairdresser - that reduces your attractiveness immensely. Men who care about their personal hygiene and clothing are way ahead of everyone else.
3. The smell
This characteristic also has its origins in our past: people we can smell good have a gene pool that differs significantly from our own. This means: healthy offspring. And even if we do nowadays smell someone goodthis increases the attractiveness of the other person immediately.

8 universal criteria of attractiveness - factors that influence the choice of partner

That it Selection criteria when choosing a partner there that at both sexes follow universal laws - whether in the online dating context or in direct contact - is out of the question nowadays. These were determined in international studies:

1. Gender-typical appearance

As early as 1993, attractiveness researchers such as Karl Grammer and Randy Thornhill published the finding that viewers The more gender typical a face appears, the more attractive it is - Men are therefore attractive with a beard, distinctive jawbone or straight nose, in women full lips and hair or big eyes are features that make them attractive.

2. Average

08/15 instead of extravagance: Scientists have found that especially mediocrity is perceived as beautiful. The "symmetrically balanced" face is clearly preferred to slightly asymmetrical faces. This rating is roughly the same on all continents and in all societies. People feel familiar with the average because they combine many well-known characteristics. An appearance that is too beautiful, on the other hand, tends to put off both sexes.

3. Health

Even and pure skin is a sign of vitality and health. Also apply Characteristics such as a lush bust in women or broad shoulders in men are considered healthy and strong. The universal meaning of this feature has an evolutionary background: A healthy charisma indicates that healthy offspring is possible with this partner.

4. Balanced proportions

This criterion applies to both the face and the body. As long as the overall picture is aesthetic, the person in question can have a few extra pounds on their ribs. Among other things, Prof. Karl Grammer researches the relationship between movement, facial expressions and gestures and attractiveness. His realization: A gentle swing of your hips and an elegant look have a much greater effect than a flat stomach or a pout.

5. Height

If the law of similarity usually applies, most people find that with a couple the man should be taller than the woman. So when it comes to height, men and women prefer hierarchical choices.

6. Same level of education

Most of the people in Germany choose a partner with the same educational qualification. This is what new figures from the Federal Statistical Office say. So-called down dating, especially between women with higher and men with lower social status, is not popular.

7. Same appearance and settings

Scientific studies show: People usually choose partners who are just as attractive as themselves and who have the same attitudes. There is no evidence whatsoever that antithesis is beneficial. Social psychologist Prof. Dr. Manfred Hassebrauck approaches the topic in a more differentiated way: although similarity is important - with regard to personality, this does not apply in every respect. What matters are similar attitudes, interests, and beliefs about how a relationship should be designed.

8. Humor

By far most important character trait of an attractive person see both men and women in a good sense of humor. The most important thing is to get along well with others and to be “on the same wavelength”.

Beauty: in the eye of the beholder or objectively measurable?

So to what degree is beauty in the eye of the beholder and to what extent is it "objectively measurable"? Dr. Thomas Klein points out that despite all the universal factors, the weighting between various characteristics of a potential partner and their evaluation is not only subject to cultural change, but also varies greatly from person to person.

Our preferences develop from experience

According to Prof. Karl Grammer, the attractiveness judgment depends fifty percent of our experiences that shape our taste. Whether one finds long blonde or short dark hair more attractive depends on personal preferences - perhaps due to images of women and men that were shaped in childhood, but probably also due to Advertising, fashion, morals, religion and experiences in the course of the partner search. There are also subtle differences between the preferences of men and women.

The more often we see a face, the more attractive it appears to us

Finally, there is one more insight that can give courage, especially to people with serious intentions to bond: Apparently, the more we see a face, the more attractive we find it. All in all, we can still keep up with the poet Christian Morgenstern, who once aptly put it: "Everything is actually beautiful that you look at with love."

Self-optimization: with these 7 tips you will appear more attractive right away

Of course there are some traits that are either impossible or very difficult to change in yourself. But if you really want to appear more attractive to your fellow human beings, you have many opportunities to work on it. Some things are easy to change, others take time and discipline.

4 things that can be changed quickly to look more attractive:

  • Take care of yourself
    This includes a neat haircut, well-groomed hands and generally a well-groomed appearance.
  • Smile!
    A nice smile on the lips can work wonders - when we flirt, we smile more attractive, according to a study from 2011 - but that's not all: Smiling has a stress-reducing effect. So: always show your teeth!
  • communication
    Mumbling, slouching shoulders or a constant look at the ground can significantly reduce your own attractiveness. It is therefore important to pay attention to your own behavior: speak loudly and clearly, look the other person in the eye and an upright posture will make you look a lot more attractive in no time.
  • Take care of your own body
    Don't have time to go to the gym 5 times a week? You don't even have to to get there! A balanced, healthy diet, skipping the bag of chips in the evening and cycling to work instead of taking the car can change a lot. When you feel good about your body, you radiate that too.

3 things that can be worked on to become more attractive:

  • Courtesy and reliability
    Often it is learned patterns that make it difficult for us to change our behavior. However, everyone can pay attention to their manners and how they treat other people. You should only make promises if you are sure that you can and will keep them.
  • honesty
    Telling a lie to be left alone or just unpacking half the truth is the easy way. But when this comes out, long-established trust is quickly destroyed. Therefore, one should be honest and sincere even in those situations in which it is not easy. In the long run, this path will certainly bring more success.
  • The self-confidence
    Of course, it is impossible to develop a healthy self-confidence overnight. However, you can work on your self-esteem by identifying factors that make you feel insecure and concern them. Here, too, a change in appearance, clothing or trying out new hobbies can change a lot.


There are countless factors that determine who we find attractive and who we don't. And if we do get a basket because the interest was not reciprocal, fortunately that is not the end of the world either. One thing is certain: when we find ourselves attractive, we radiate it too. And with the right charisma, you will also attract exactly the right person. Take courage!