Is the USA a tolerant country?

Gay okay : Germany is (almost) the most gay-friendly country in the world

51 percent of Germans do not consider homosexuality morally reprehensible - eight percent disagree. For 38 percent of German citizens, homosexuality is not a question of morals. This is the result of a representative study carried out by the research institute "Pew Research". In a global comparison, Germany is very tolerant, only Spaniards (6 percent - "morally reprehensible", 55 percent - "not reprehensible") are even more tolerant.

For the study, the US scientists interviewed citizens from 40 countries. The study's question was: "Do you personally consider homosexuality to be morally acceptable, morally unacceptable, or not a question of morality?" In Germany 1,025 people were interviewed, in most other countries a similar number of people.

Countries in which gays are known to be barely allowed to appear in public or are openly persecuted, such as Jordan, Egypt and Ghana, where 98 percent of the people consider gays to be morally depraved, ended up in the back of the list. Overall, the study comes to the unsurprising result that Europe is by far the most tolerant continent in the world. However, Russia, Greece and Poland are mostly anti-gay. In the USA, too, there are significantly more people, 37 to 23 percent, who are directed against gays.

Table of the Pew Research Center.

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