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Low Carb Recipes - Sauces & Dips

Lemon and herb quark

This lemon and herb quark always tastes wonderful with a grill plate, fresh vegetables or simply spread on bread.

Spicy tomato chutney

Aromatic tomatoes pickled with sugar preserve the summer in the glass. The sour, fruity and sweet combination goes very well as an antipasti.

Tartare dip

For raw vegetables, meat or as a spread: this tartar dip can be used universally and tastes good with many dishes!

Mustard dip

This delicious mustard dip recipe is also suitable for beginners and fans of quick cooking. The dip goes well with meat too!

Gundermann pesto

The Gundermann pesto goes perfectly with grilled meat or fish, but also with delicious pasta.

Simple tuna spread

A simple tuna spread is ready in 10 minutes and is refined with parsley. This easy recipe tastes delicious.

Cauliflower with curry sauce

The delicious winter vegetables go hand in hand with this special curry sauce. Cauliflower in a creamy curry sauce without milk.