How did the Koran come about?

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Messages from God
The Koran is the most important book for Muslims. It contains the messages which, according to the belief of the Muslims, were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by the angel Gabriel over the course of 23 years. Muslims believe that if Muhammad had experienced something in his life and did not know exactly what to do, God would send the angel to Muhammad with a message that people would memorize and memorize. And so that they really didn't forget anything, people made small notes.
When Muhammad died, there were only these notes and what people had memorized. In the past, people were particularly good at learning by heart. Since most of them couldn't read or write at the time, they had no other choice. The Koran as we know it today was only compiled by Caliph Uthman about 15 years after the death of Muhammad.
The first verses of the Koran, according to Muslim belief, were revealed to Muhammad over a period of approximately eleven years in Mecca. One therefore speaks of the "Meccan period". The other verses of the Koran were transmitted to him in Medina over a similar period of time. This time is called the "Medinan period". The angel Gabriel is said to have always communicated the verses to Muhammad in his mother tongue, Arabic.
First assignment on Mount Hira

According to Muslim tradition, Muhammad was commissioned to recite verses for the first time in 610 AD in the cave on Mount Hira by the Archangel Gabriel. There are these five verses (here in German translation):

Read in the name of your Lord who created.
He created man out of a clot of blood.
Read, for your Lord is gracious.
He taught the man with the pen
what he didn't know before.

(Sura 96, Verse 1-5)
"Sure" means "section". In the Koran one speaks of "suras".