How can I set up a cooperative

Tips for starting up

The cooperative can give itself a minimum capital, but the law does not prescribe a fixed capital. Each member subscribes one or more shares, the amount of which is specified in the articles of association.

The company of a cooperative can be a factual or personal company or a fantasy company. The addition "registered cooperative" or "eG" is part of the company name.

Corporate assets
The company's assets are the cooperative's own assets as a legal person.

The assets of the cooperative are liable to the creditors; any further liability of the members can be excluded.

Management board, supervisory board (optional for smaller cooperatives), general or representative assembly.

Most important tasks of the organs
The board of directors runs the cooperative on its own responsibility. If there is a supervisory board (optional, in the case of smaller cooperatives this task is taken over by the general assembly), it monitors the activities of the board of directors.
The general assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the cooperative. It elects the board of directors. The articles of association must specify whether the general assembly or the supervisory board appoints the management board.

Right to vote
Each member has, in principle, only one vote, regardless of his or her equity stake.