How many extreme sports have you done

Understand an audio text on the topic of "extreme sports" (Skydiving photo)

Maybe sport is an important part in your life? Do you play sports at school or as a hobby? Surely you talk to your friends about it. The media also report on important sporting events on a daily basis.

Now imagine that you are listening to or watching a program on the topic Extreme sports. Unfortunately, the program is only in English! But you are very interested in the topic.
What can you do? Here are a few tips ...

Important tips

You don't have to focus on all the details. Are important:


First, hear what it's about: is it about different sports or is it a single sport? Do you already know her

Text type

What kind of audio text is it? Is it a radio report, an interview or a dialogue between two friends?

Voices and background noise

Especially in interviews, the voices of the speakers often reveal a lot about how they are feeling. Are you excited, happy, depressed? Background noise can help you identify your surroundings.


If you have an assignment to do at school, consider: What does the assignment ask?

Read the Task exactly through:
Create a table and then enter the most important keywords there, for example for the Wh questions:
Who? How many speakers are there? What's your name?
What? / Which? What kind of sport does he / she do?
Where? Where does he / she practice this sport?
When? When did he / she start this sport?
Why? Why did he / she choose this sport?

Safety tips - Safety tips

Extreme sports require great effort. The athletes have to train a lot in order to maintain their condition.

But it is also important to follow the instructions (instructions) the teacher (instructor) to be followed and the safety measures (precautions) perform. This is the only way you can have your adventure (adventure) enjoy and don't take any chances (take a risk)!

Safety tips:
1. Be in proper physical condition.
2. Wear appropriate protective gear.
3. Always warm up before doing any sport.
4. Make sure to drink enough.
5. Avoid eating a large meal shortly before doing sport.