Is there a crack in the moon

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The splitting of the moon is one of the miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (s.) To prove his truthfulness.

In the Holy Qur'an it says in the sura named after the moon (54: 1-3): “The hour has come near, and the moon has split. But when they see a sign, they turn away and say,“ (This is) an eternal magic work. ”And they deny and follow their desires. But everything is final firmly."

It was seen early on to a miracle of the Prophet Muhammad (s.), Who split the moon in half before the eyes of the mostly hostile Quraish. And in order to be able to convince those who reject such a miracle, Qadi Iyad argues:

"It has not been told by any people on earth that they observed the moon that night and found that it was not split. And if this had also been told from many places, so that a prearranged lie would be excluded For us this is no counter-evidence, because the moon is not seen in the same way by the different peoples of the earth ... A lunar eclipse is visible in one country, not in another; here it is partial, there it is total ... "

In an Indian tradition it was said that King Shakrawarti Farmad had observed the splitting of the moon in southern India, and when he found out about it and was convinced of what had happened in Mecca that night, he converted to Islam (source: Yohanan Friedmann "qissat shakarwati Farmat "Israel Oriental Studies V. 1975). According to this legend, the splitting of the moon was the cause of the creation of the first Muslim enclave in the Indian subcontinent. This story was told in an Arabic text written in southern India in the later Middle Ages, and interestingly, even at the Hindu court of Kotah it was still in the 19th century. Century AD a miniature showing the splitting of the moon in all its details.

This is how the former Hindu Prime Minister of the State of Hyderabad / Dekkan Maharajah Kischan Prasad wrote:

I may be unbelieving or I may be believing
But God alone knows what I am
As a faithful servant, I want myself completely
consecrate to the great prince of Medina!

And Jalaleddin Rumi reported:

Mustafa's finger split the moon
For to be split by the finger of the prophet is the highest bliss that the poor moon can attain.

The translation into German and the summary of the events were mainly carried out by Prof. Annemarie Schimmel.