Is there a parachute jump license?

Would you like to learn how to skydive and become a skydiver?

At Tandemfun, we live for skydiving and we can fully understand your enthusiasm for this beautiful sport. Many years ago we were exactly at the point where you are today, namely at the beginning of our career in skydiving. A tandem jump is a great pleasure for every passenger. However, if you want to be in control of the wheel yourself, there is no way around the AFF parachute jump training. We offer various courses and bring our years of experience paired with in-depth knowledge to your training. With us you will go from passenger to pilot! Are you interested in parachuting training? We would be happy to send you informational material or advise you over the phone!

We offer training to become a parachutist on the following dates:


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May 2021 is already fully booked

August: 01.08.-15.08. fully booked (only on waiting list)

further possible dates for the training in the Würzburg area from May 2021 on request

Further possible dates for the training in the Nuremberg area from August 2021 on request

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Training course for

AFF trial course - includes theoretical and practical instruction as well as a tandem jump with a teacher and a level 1 training jump with 2 teachers. Time required 2-3 days.

Cost: 500 euros

AFF course level 1 to 7 - includes theoretical and practical instruction as well as a tandem jump with an instructor and 7 AFF level parachute jumps. Time required 1 week. (At least 23 jumps with manual triggering are required for the German license)

Cost: 1,900 euros

AFF 28 course - includes theoretical and practical instruction as well as a tandem jump with instructor, 7 AFF level jumps and 21 parachute jumps from solo status (usually from the 8th jump). Time required 14 days.

Cost: 2,800 euros

AFF ALL INCLUSIVE SPECIAL - includes theoretical and practical instruction as well as a tandem jump with instructor, 7 AFF level jumps and as many parachute jumps from solo status (usually from the 8th jump) that are made during the course period. As a rule, an average of around 50 jumps are completed here. Furthermore, an overnight stay in a 2-bed room. Time required 14 days.

Cost: 3,450 euros

Repetitive jumps at levels 1 to 7 must be paid for separately.

AFF training request form -The earlier you register, the more secure it is to get the training position. The courses are usually fully booked months in advance.


Thedeposit of 370 euros for the course has to be made after registration.
The deposit will not be refunded if you fail to attend the course, but can be offset against courses in the same calendar year.
Upgrade guarantee: The prices of the "lower courses" are credited to the total training within 6 months.

Where does the training take place? 

Our Klatovy training location is easy to reach from the cities of Regensburg, Munich, Nuremberg and Passau. We have often hosted ski jumping students from Austria and Switzerland and are always very happy to see participants from the beautiful neighboring country. Trainers are Germans and Austrians with many thousands of leaps in experience.

There are many providers who offer AFF training. Why should I choose tandemfun?

Let's take the example of “sports shoes”. There are high-quality branded goods here, which are a little more expensive than the conventional "Made in China" kicks. Often the cheaper shoes are poorly made and break faster. When it comes to footwear, quality has its price, and it is the same with almost everything in life. Skydiving is no exception.

We put a lot of heart and soul into the company "Tandemfun". But above all, we invest a lot of time in your training and isn't time the most precious commodity in the world? Believe us, we don't look at the clock and are only satisfied when you have understood and internalized the information we have handed down. Our decades of experience make us experts and therefore a top address in skydiving!

For a little more money than some other providers ask, we offer you significant advantages. With us, you don't have to squeeze yourself out of a small Cessna, instead you jump out of larger aircraft. In addition, with us you don't jump from 3500 meters, but from 4300 meters! The free fall lasts longer, the adrenaline rush never stops and, last but not least, the learning success in parachute jump training is significantly higher! We are not the cheapest, we are aware of that, but you get a service for your money that is probably so unique! See for yourself!

Who can become a skydiver?

Parachutists can begin training from the age of 14 with the consent of their legal guardians.

Important information about the AFF training

In our experience, it is an advantage to take at least one week for the training. It is better if you plan in two weeks, as the weather can change and it is not possible to continue skydiving training for a few days. The first ten jumps should be made at relatively short intervals so that you can get your license in your hands as soon as possible. Do you have any questions about AFF training? Contact us by phone or email and I will explain everything to you in detail.

At least 23 jumps with manual triggering are required for the German license before you can take the exam.

How does the AFF skydiving training work?

Our skydiving training takes place in the Czech Republic, more precisely in the Bohemian Forest. You travel to Skydive Klatovy to begin your training, where we begin with a short sightseeing flight in the “Pink Skyvan”, during which you can take a seat in the co-pilot's seat. You will then move into your quarters at the airfield, the scene of the action. In the afternoon we will give you the documents accompanying the training, which contain a lot of knowledge about skydiving. During the breaks and in your free time, you can of course take a leisurely stroll through the forest, because the idyllic surroundings are ideal for strolling and relaxing. The next day, the jump starts and you will experience your first parachute jump. First you will do a tandem jump with a pilot. This is followed by seven freefall jumps with your teachers in tow. If everything goes according to plan, you will be alone in the air by the middle of the week and can enjoy the long freefall undisturbed.

Requirements for German jumpers:

The fitness for parachuting must be certified by a family doctor after a special examination.

open pfd: medical examination

Open pdf: Medical certificate

Requirements for Austrian, Swiss and American students: 
It is sufficient here for the participant to certify his / her suitability himself.

Open pdf: Note on suitability

The advantages of tandemfun:

You will certainly want to compare prices, which is why we want to briefly explain the small but subtle difference. We're not the cheapest on the market and we don't want to be either. An apprenticeship at Tandemfun has advantages that you won't get from our competition. In addition to the seven parachute jumps that are necessary to acquire your license, a tandem jump is included in the price. With this you can unconditionally concentrate on the free fall, the glider flight and the landing and internalize the exact processes a little. In the care of an experienced tandem master and AFF teacher, you are in the best of hands. At your first AFF level, you approach the matter much more relaxed. The AFF instruction stand and the seven AFF parachute jumps are included in our training package. Of course we take care of the annoying packing of the umbrella. You concentrate and focus entirely on the essentials and we take care of the rest! Together we will achieve our goal, so that you too will soon belong to the elite circle of parachutists!

Indispensable prerequisites for participation in the parachute jump training

The minimum age that enables you to participate in our courses is 14 years. In the case of minors, the consent of the parent or guardian is of course required, which must be confirmed by an officially certified declaration of consent. The jumping license can only be acquired from the age of 16 years.

The maximum weight for a parachute jump is 95 kilograms
For the German license you need a current medical certificate, which must not be older than 12 months.
For the Austrian or American license, all that is required is a fitness certificate, which can be issued by the participant. Please bring your identity card or passport with you. We also need three passport photos in the format 3.5 cm x 4 cm.
Evidence of immediate life-saving measures must be available. A driver's license issued after 1972 is sufficient.

We would be very happy to welcome you as a diving student to our airfield! 

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