What are the uses of food trucks

Why is a food truck the perfect marketing tool for companies?

Posted on 23-11-2017 by Redactie

Food trucks are known for their creative delicacies and the unique twist they can add to a dish. Nowhere else in the city can you achieve anything like it. But did you also know that food trucks are seen as a marketing tool? Take a look at our top 3, why food trucks are THE platform to connect people with a product.

  • Food trucks attract attention!

    Using a food truck as an advertising platform is one of the best ways to get your target audience in touch with your brand. An experimental form of marketing combines unique experiences with company logos and gadgets.

    The food truck has already attracted everyone's attention anyway. It is not for nothing that the large companies have now found their way into the food truck world, such as Unilever, Aviko, etc.

    Do you still combine that with a playful offer? Then the attention you have won is unbeatable. For example, think of all the selfies that are taken with the food truck and then shared on social media!

  • Long range with just one flagship!

    Food trucks come to the places where billboards cannot go and provide interaction. Another advantage of food trucks is that they can generate an enormous range, as they generally do not stay in one place for long and travel a lot.

    A nice example is this Lufthansa campaign, which focuses on a food truck tour and which is combined with a prize campaign.

  • Food trucks ensure the ultimate feel-good experience!

    Who doesn't love to eat? Companies that are aware of their marketing can benefit from the food truck hype. Think about why food truck festivals are still growing? The variety of dishes is enormous and the atmosphere is relaxed. A perfect concept to create a "feel-good experience" and to link a product or service with it.

    Food trucks are able to do this more than ever. For inspiration, check out this link about a story of how a Korean taco food truck started a real movement in the food truck industry.