How is law enforcement in Singapore

Singapore's police are allowed to use data from the Corona app for law enforcement

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, many states have published corona apps that are intended to facilitate contact tracking. Users should be notified in the event of contact with an infected person. In Austria, the Red Cross's "Stop Corona" app was initially criticized for data protection concerns; in Germany, the police even got access to the guest lists of the catering establishments in some cases. The Singaporean government allows the police there to do something similar. For law enforcement purposes, they can access the data from the state contact tracing app "Trace Together".

State app, police access

However, data protection problems should not arise. "The government manages the data submitted by users and strict measures have been put in place to protect this personal data," Interior Minister Desmond Tan told parliament on Monday.

Therefore, only authorized police officers should have access to the data and should only be allowed to use them for the stated purposes. The personal user data should always be backed up. The use for law enforcement was uncovered after a request from the MP Christopher de Souza, reports the Singaporean news channel Channel News Asia.

Information only on request

In the publicly available data protection declaration on the "Trace Together" website, it should have been read up to then that the data is used exclusively for contact tracking. On Monday, information was added to the page declaring that the Code of Criminal Procedure applies to all data that falls under the jurisdiction of the state.

According to this, data should be accessed under certain circumstances when the security of citizens is at risk. For this purpose, the police should also be given access to the data in the contact tracing app so that they can be used for criminal investigations. (red, 5.1.2021)