What are the best real travel apps

The ultimate list of the best travel apps for your adventure!

Nowadays it is hard to imagine life without the smartphone. Whether in everyday life or when traveling, it is simply always there! In addition to the ability to make phone calls, it offers so much more: it is a planner, navigation system and even camera in one.

You can use it to book a flight, find a great café or a cool spot to camp - because there is a suitable one for almost every imaginable situation Travel app!

Which Travel Apps 2019 definitely belong on your smartphone and how you use your cellphone thanks to useful apps even transformed into a real outdoor gadget, we'll tell you now!

The ultimate list of the best travel apps for your adventure!

Thanks to these travel apps, planning a trip is even more fun!

The destination is selected and the flight is booked! Now it's time to take the final precautions that are on your agenda at home: What belongs in my backpack, who takes care of my apartment and how do I find cool travel partners?

You quickly lose track of all these points. Fortunately, there are little helpers here that will make it easier for you to plan and prepare your trip!

1. Pack The Bag: This makes packing child's play!

Before you start your next adventure, you first have to pack your backpack. In order not to lose the overview, the travel app Pack the bag is at your side. The useful app allows you to choose packing lists from 700 items and 27 categories or to generate an individual list.

Whether on the way to work or during sports, you can quickly and easily add additional items at any time with a click. The app automatically calculates the weight of your luggage and sends an alarm to remind you to pack. So you can pack easily and don't forget anything for your adventure!

Here you can download the free app for iOS.

2. Safe travel: Always up to date with the Auswertigen Amt

It is best to download the Federal Foreign Office app before you travel. In addition to checklists, tips and the Addresses of the German representations in the respective country of travel, the travel app gives you information on the most important political, geographical and economic data of a country. You will also be informed of any changes in the country when you are out and about. With the help of the pin board function, you can store your travel destinations and find out what has changed on site via push message.

That is particularly valuable "I am OK" button: By pressing this button you can tell friends and relatives in an emergency that everything is fine with you.

You can download the free app for your security here for iOS

3. SecureSafe: Everything is stored securely

The Password App SecureSafe is an online storage with an integrated password manager. You can securely save your passwords, PINs, credit card details or application documents here. Who does not know that when you are on vacation you suddenly cannot remember your credit card PIN? With the app from the Swiss provider you have access to your private data at any time.

It is also possible to scan documents directly by photography or to send them to your personal SecureSafe mailbox. In both cases, all data is stored securely.

You can get the free app for iOS here


4. Travel Buddy: Never travel alone again

Are you looking for a travel partner? Travel Buddy brings you together with locals or other travelers. With a local by your side, you have the chance to dive deeper into the culture of a country and to discover places that are not listed in any travel guide.

You can also use the app to quickly and easily share pictures, videos and travel routes and helpful tips from other travelers catch up. In addition, the map function gives you an overview of which adventures are currently in your area.


5. Tourlina travel app for women: For all adventurers

The Tourlina app has a similar structure to Travel Buddy. The difference here lies in the target group: Tourlina is one Travel app specially developed for women. After registering, you publish the travel destination, period and personal interests, then you will be shown the people who match your data. With the help of the chat function you can get to know your potential travel partner better, so nothing stands in the way of your adventures together!

The free Travel app for women is available here for iOS

6. tado °: Know what's going on at home!

Except for watering the flowers, the tado ° app organizes almost all relevant tasks while you are on your journey. If the app is connected to your smart home system, it recognizes as soon as you get closer to your apartment and switches on the radiators in good time when you return. Even the The lighting can be regulated via the app. This signals to potential intruders that the apartment is not currently vacant.

You can download the free app for iOS here

With these travel apps you have useful helpers on the go

Where else was that ingenious burger joint or the photo spot you were told about? With these useful travel apps you will find fantastic photo opportunities, secret places and the most delicious Flat White with just a few clicks!

Not only that: Thanks to these useful apps, you keep track of your travel budget, you can easily share the costs with your friends and easily communicate with others, even though you don't speak their language.


7. Splitwise: Always know who is paying what

You're traveling as a couple or in a group and want yours Share travel expenses fairly? With the Splitwise app everyone can name their expenses and distribute them equally to all group members. After registering, you have the option of creating individual groups and inviting people.

In the overview you will be shown who made what costs and how much you owe your fellow travelers. It is also great that you can always adjust the currency to the respective country and that the currency of your home country is also listed! This gives you an optimal overview of the expenses that have already been made.

You can get the free app here for IOS


8. Trail WalletTravel Budget App: Always keep an eye on your travel budget

Another way to keep track of your vacation costs is the app Trail Wallet. This travel app not only contains an overview of your daily expenses, but also helps you not to overwrite personally determined daily budget.

Each invoice can be assigned to a category or color and adapted to the respective currency of the country. The app is easy to use and can can be used offline. In addition, easy-to-understand graphics give you an overview of your finances according to the respective month or your trip.

You can get the free app for iOS here.

9. Google Translator CC: The language talent smartphone

You don't speak the national language of the other person? You can use Google Translate to translate up to 103 languages ​​into your native language! It's very easy to do: insert texts from other apps, take photos of texts or communicate with each other using the voice input function. Also in Offline mode will still translate 59 languages, if you have previously downloaded the corresponding audio files.

You can download the free app for iOS here

10. mapify: The coolest places in one place

On mapify you can find your Upload snapshots, add information to routes and inspire other travelers with your experiences. The app evaluates the data and uses it to generate recommendations for other adventurers. The great thing about the app is that you automatically cheap flights and cheap accommodation suggested along your route.

The app for iOS is available here

11. Foursquare City Guide: Eat and drink deliciously

The best bars, restaurants and much more, has the Foursquare City Guide app in its luggage. Easily follow friends, brands or travelers to share their Recommendations and insider tips not to be missed. You can call up the places you have visited via the check-in process and thus have your whole personal travel diary always with you.

Download the free app for iOS here

12. Toilet Finder: When it's urgent

This app will especially please women! The travel app Toilet Finder shows over 150,000 toilets worldwide. These are categorized into different types: Public, Restaurant, Gas Station and many more. You will also get an overview of the costs and the cleanliness of the respective toilet. Whether on road trips or city trips, the app is definitely a useful helper!

You can download the free app for iOS here

Travel Apps: Find comfortable accommodations and cheap flights!

What is the best way to get from A to B and what happens if I cannot keep to my travel route? In order not to let anything disturb you during your vacation and to always find a comfortable place to sleep, we recommend these useful apps!


13. Momondo: Find the cheapest flight connections

Whether on the way to work or already in the middle of your next adventure: With the free Momondo app do you get one Overview of the best flight connections! The travel app compares over 1,000 airlines and shows you the cheapest price quickly and easily for your next flight. In addition to flights, you will also find many offers for hotels and rental cars on site. Under Trip Finder you can filter your next trip individually by country, period and budget.

The app is free and you can download it here for iOS

14. Airbnb: At home when traveling

With the Airbnb app you will find the right accommodation for your trip anywhere in the world Whether in a wooden hut in Guatemala or in an absolute luxury apartment in Sri Lanka, the platform has a variety of accommodations! The great thing is that some of the private landlords still offer you real insider tips give me on the way.

By registering, you will get an overview of the accommodation on offer and can determine your suitable accommodation according to the criteria budget, period and location. In your individual travel plan you will find all the information about your next booking and arrival. You can also add experiences and events to your travel plan and book them directly via the travel app.

Of course you can do yours during your trip Also offer apartment for rent: Simply switch to host mode within the app and easily manage inquiries from potential tenants. If your travel plans change, the availability of your apartment can be adjusted in the calendar at any time.

You can download the free Airbnb app for iOS here

15. Booking.com: Book your accommodation easily

Another choice of sleeping places for the coming night is offered by Booking.com. With the travel app you can conveniently travel from anywhere in the world Book your next accommodation in seconds. It shows you an overview of the available hotels, hostels or holiday apartments in your travel destination. After booking, you can call up your data at any time with the app. In the event of a change in your travel plans, the accommodation can easily be extended or canceled. What is particularly practical is that the Booking details can also be viewed offline.

You can use the booking app here conveniently and free of charge for iOS

16. Couchsurfing: Stay overnight with locals

Another way of getting to know adventurers all over the world is couch surfing. Be worldwide Sleeps in more than 230,000 cities offered! These are more than 12 million local hosts who provide overnight accommodation in their private apartments free of charge. With the Couchsurfing Hangouts mode, you Travelers and landlords in your area are shown. You can meet with them and explore the travel destination together.

Download the free app for iOS here

17. Travel Pal: Meet The World

The concept of Travel Pal is based on the Couchsurfing app: You can also rent a place to stay in your travel destination or make your accommodation available to other adventurers free of charge. The special thing about Travel Pal is that the app has a integrated translation tool disposes. So you can contact your travel partner or landlord without any language barrier. In addition to the messaging function, you can also start video calls.

You can get the free app for iOS here

18. CheckMyTrip: Everything at a glance

E-mail your booking confirmation to your inbox quickly and easily, enter your booking reference or add your travel information using a form: The CheckMyTrip travel app generates a complete travel overview for you from your flight, car, hotel, meal, and tour data. In addition to the 5-day weather forecast for your travel destination, you have direct access to many check-in systems of the major airlines.

You can get the free app for iOS here

19. Uber: The slightly different taxi

Another great way to get around is the Uber app. Uber has also established itself in a few major German cities in recent years. At the push of a button you can get one day and night in a matter of minutes book a reliable driver. After installing the travel app, you unlock your location and after further entering your destination, the driver, including photo and vehicle information, will be shown to you. Depending on the country, payment is made in cash, by PayPal or by credit card. In order to make it easier for other users to select a driver, you can submit an assessment of the driver and driving behavior after your journey.

You can get the free app here for iOS

With these travel apps, a road trip is even more fun!

How do I find my way around in my travel destination? Of course, you can also move around in the classic way with maps, but it is faster and more compact practical travel apps. On top of that, the apps give you information about cheap rental cars or the most beautiful parking spaces for your camper!


20. Maps.me: Know where to go!

The travel app navigates you anywhere in the world, even without mobile internet from A to B. With the Bookmark option you can save your travel destinations and share them with your friends or travel partners as you wish.

In order to find your way around better on site, you have the option of clustering according to categories. Whether restaurants, excursion destinations, ATMs, subway or WiFi spots, the travel app offers a variety of categories to make it easier for you to find your way on site. It is also practical that you Make reservations on Booking.com directly via the app.

Get the free Maps.me app for iOS here

21. Google Maps: More than just a sat nav

if you are traveling with a vehicle, we advise you to go with Google Maps, as the area of ​​navigation in particular has better options than Maps.me.
The Google app is great for finding your way around any country in the world. Via cellular network and GPS restaurants, ATMs and much more are located.

The travel app helps you with the complete Planning and designing your individual route. Route changes, such as stopovers at petrol stations or accommodation, can be added and recalculated as required. When the traffic situation changes the app reacts in real time and offers you alternative routes.

Really practical: After downloading the map of the respective country, navigation is also possible offline! When you log in with your Google account, you can also use the app to call up your routes, which you have previously calculated on the computer.

Download the free app for iOS here

22. Waze: Current traffic information

Another great one The Waze app is an alternative to Google Maps. In addition to navigating to your desired destination, you get Information on the traffic situation, speed limit and speed cameras reported. In order to get to your destination unhindered, the app will calculate an alternative route for you. Special extra: Waze always shows you the cheapest gas station along your route!

You can download the free app for iOS here

23. Sixt: Rent cars in 105 countries

The next important question: How and where is the best way to rent a car while traveling? To save time, we already recommend you Arrange for a rental car in advance of your trip. This saves you time on site and you can find out about the right car in advance.

A recommendable provider is Sixt: There are Sixt branches in over 105 countries worldwide. With the rental car app you can find the nearest station quickly and easily on site and also find out how you can reach them. You can use the booking history to find out about the upcoming rental car and make changes to the booking.

Here you can download the free travel app for iOS

24Billiger-mietwagen.de: Find the cheapest rental cars

In contrast to Sixt The cheap rental car app allows you to compare prices from many rental car providers. In addition, the app has practical checklists, so you save time and money when renting and picking up the vehicle. You can edit or cancel your booking at any time while you are out and about.

You can get the free app here for iOS

25. Park4night: Sleep anywhere in the car

Park4night is indispensable on your next road trip! The travel app shows you an overview of the best places to stay. Not only that: also Parks, viewpoints, campsites or hidden places in nature you can see in more detail with a click. Users can store descriptions and pictures for each insider tip. So you can take a closer look at the conditions in front of the location in advance.

The app is particularly valuable for travelers who at dusk, have not yet found a suitable place. With one look at the map, you can see immediately how far the next spot is from you!

You can download the free Park4night app for iOS here

26. iOverlander: The app for all off-roaders and wild campers

iOverlander is the app for all off-roaders! The special thing about this travel app is that it not only offers you normal camping and parking spaces, but also great spots for wild camping shows. The feedback from the community tells you whether you can safely stand in a place and how exactly you can get to it. You will also receive important information, for example whether there is a water source or the possibility of a campfire.

For example, we have planned our road trip through northern Spain or our little camping adventure in Death Valley on our California road trip with the help of this useful travel app!

The iOverlander app also has a database of restaurants, accommodation, petrol stations and many other categories. Every user can use the Browse through the image database or add your own hotspots quickly and easily. Your previous routes are automatically saved and can easily be shared with friends and other adventurers.

Here you can download the free app for iOS

27. ADAC Camping App: Choose from 8,700 campsites

The The ADAC camping app has a selection of 8,700 campsites and over 7,300 parking spaces across Europe. To make your search easier, you can filter according to different categories, such as: B. Camping with a dog or camping by the sea. Reviews and detailed descriptions of the places make your search easier and give you a rough idea of ​​where you will be staying for the night!

Here you can get the ADAC camping app for iOS

28. Fun in the country: individual camping spots

The Landvergnügen app also offers you a great way to find a parking space on your road trip. The innumerable Camping spots are uploaded by private individuals across Germany. In contrast to Park4night, this is a parking space guide who requires possession of the annual Landvergnügen vignette. The vignette allows you to stay with your host free of charge for 24 hours. You can purchase the book including the app and vignette for 29.90 euros. A total of 585 remote travel destinations are currently listed for campers.

You can get the app for iOS here

The best travel apps to go on an adventure!

Knowing peaks and plants by name and knowing exactly when the sun rises - that's what makes a real adventurer. These cool travel apps help you to get to know and perceive nature better again and also show you which unforgettable adventures are waiting for you near you!

29. ViewRanger: Become a summit expert

This travel app is for real adventurers! ViewRanger's database has worldwide almost 9 million mountains, lakes and beautiful places saved. With the skyline function, you can scan your surroundings and receive information on prominent points in the landscape. The peaks and lakes shown in the display are shown with their names. Your smartphone must be equipped with a camera, GPS function, gyro sensors and a compass. You can also create your own routes or follow other users. Over 6 million routes and trails are stored on ViewRanger and are expanded every day.

Download the free app for iOS here

30. Outdooractive: Ideas for great tours

You can plan tours and find the most beautiful tours worldwide with the Outdooractive app. You can yours Cycling, hiking or climbing tours add images and texts and share them with other users. Not only that: the outdoor app also shows you the most beautiful excursion destinations in your area in real time. Whether alpine club huts, sights or cultural offers, the app always knows what's going on near you!

You can get the free app here for iOS

31. komoot: Tour collection for adventurers

Another ingenious app for adventurers is komoot: you can plan the route of your next with just a few clicks Mountain, hiking or cycling tour. After choosing your sport, you will be asked about your physical condition and the time frame available. Based on your input, The komoot app suggests tours including altitude, duration and time. On the go, you can always call up the remaining distance, your speed and exciting places in your area.

Download the free app for iOS here

32. Sun Surveyor: Always know where the sun is

Sun Surveyor is not only a real highlight for photographers! The app determines the sunrise and sunset of your desired location. In addition, you can see the sun shade ratio, the period between dawn and dusk and the position of the sun during the day. You can also find your way around nature with the integrated 3D compass.

You can download the free app for iOS here

33. Wild Edibles Forage: Become a plant connoisseur

With the Wild Edibles Forage App you can recognize plants in nature. In order to identify the plant, you will be given eight images per plant. The app currently has over 1,000 images saved in its database. If a plant is found, you can save the location and your notes on the map.

You can get the free plant app here for iOS

34. RegenRadar: Always dry

With the Precipitation radar from RegenRadar you always know when and from where the next weather front is approaching. The forecast gives you information about the coming and past 90 minutes. You can currently use the radar in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can also get more information about the weather in the WetterOnline app. You will be forwarded to WetterOnline within the RegenRadar app without any problems and can plan your route even better.

You can get the free app for iOS here

35. Aurora forecast: The sky is colorful!

Experience the play of light in the sky up close with the Northern Lights forecast! This travel app shows you how strong the northern lights shine and from which locations you have the best view. The forecasts range from a few hours to several weeks. In addition, you will be informed with the help of the message function if the lights shine particularly intensely. Plan your route according to the aurora forecast and follow the images of the sun and solar wind statistics.

Especially for your road trip through Iceland or other northern countries such as Norway, Finland or Canada, this travel app should be on your smartphone!

You can get the free app for iOS here

36. My Aurora Forecast & Alerts: Explore the Southern Lights

The northern lights forecast is of course also available for the southern lights, called Aurora australis. So if you are going on an adventure in South Africa or New Zealand, this travel app is just right for you! In My Aurora Forecast you can see the northern lights as well as the southern lights.

You can download the free app for iOS here.


35. Viator Tours & Activities: Cool adventures near you

The Viator Tours & Activities app lets you book activities around the world: From a helicopter flight in Dubai to an ice cave tour in Iceland, the app offers a wide range of adventures! A precise overview, including videos and travel reports, is available to you at any time. It is particularly ingenious that the Top activities in your area be shown on a map!

You can download the app for free here for iOS

With these cool apps you have even more fun while traveling and surf safely!

No adventure should be without good music - the right playlist makes all the difference on a road trip! But your smartphone can also help you with WiFi and internet security thanks to the right apps. While you turn your mobile phone snapshots into great photos with the help of practical image editing programs, which will also remind you of your many adventures in the future!

38.Spotify: playlists that make you happy

Of course, good music shouldn't be missing on your trip! When the flight is delayed or at a sundowner on the roof terrace in Bogota: Great music always fits and transports you back to this one moment, even years later! With the Spotify app you can create your own personal playlist and share it with your friends. Spotify's extensive music collection provides you with songs from countless artists. The use of Spotify is only free in the WLAN, for use outside the WLAN costs of 9.99 euros per month are incurred.

You can get the app for iOS here

39. Google Play Music: Music to the end of the world

Google Play Music is a completely equivalent alternative to Spotify. Here you can also find your Create your own music collection, discover podcasts and get recommendations on your music taste. Google Play provides its services, however only with costs to disposal. With the help of the affordable family tariffs, you can split the fees among the individual users and minimize the costs.

The music app for iOS

40. Audible: 200,000 audio books always with you

How about a great audio book instead of music? Thanks to the Audible app, you always have a huge selection of great audiobooks with you! Long journeys or flights in particular go by in no time and in addition to entertaining, Audible also has a lot of audio books with exciting facts waiting for you. This way you can educate yourself a little further on your journey and make the most of the hours between your adventures!

In order to be able to use the service, you have to register with Audible for a fee. The first month is considered a test month and you don't have to pay anything, after that it's 9.95 euros per month. Membership includes an audiobook, you have to activate additional audiobooks for a fee. In addition to 200,000 titles, there are also many podcasts waiting for you that you can listen to for free.

Download the Audible app here for iOS

Reading tip:We have also listed some really good podcasts here for you!

41. Podcast Apps: Stories and exciting things on the go

You don't necessarily have to use Audible to listen to podcasts. Both iOS and Android already offer one Pre-installed podcast app with which you can access a huge selection of free podcasts. The topics are mixed and everyone will find something here - You can also find our Off The Path travel podcast with lots of inspiration for new adventures here!


42. VSCO: Edit images in no time

The app has practical editing filters and advanced creative tools. Decide for yourself whether you want to handle exposure, color and contrast yourself or use one of the preset filters. VSCO is available as a free version and as a subscription.

You can find the free app for iOS here

43. Adobe Lightroom: Get the most out of your phone pictures!

With the Lightroom app you can add even more value to your travel images. Special presets allow you to get an impression of your photo while you are taking it. In order to be able to process the pictures optimally afterwards, we recommend that you shoot all recordings in raw format. Rating stars and tags also help you organize your images.

Here you can download the app for iOS

44. Instagram: Inspire and find inspiration

On Instagram, you can share photos and videos with friends, family or the whole world. You are free to choose whether your media are open to the public or whether only a certain group of people is allowed to view your pictures. With the "Like button" you can signal to other users that you like the post. Filters and creative tools are available to make your stories clearer.

Instagram not only gives you the opportunity to visually share your experiences, but also gives you inspiration for beautiful places, nice cafes or cool adventures. Simply search for a hashtag that is suitable for your location and let yourself be inspired!

Here you can download the app for iOS

PS:Be sure to follow us on Instagram for lots of adventure inspiration!


45. ZenMate: Surf Safely Worldwide

With the travel app from ZenMate you can surf safely worldwide! The app saves all of your personal data and browser activity on your smartphone. How the app works in detail and what advantages the complete package offers for your Internet security offers.

You can download the free app here for iOS

Reading tip:Here we also reveal 5 good reasons why you shouldn't only think about internet security when you're traveling!


46. ​​Wifi Finder: Online everywhere

You don't have a SIM card yet or you simply have a bad network abroad, but urgently need to cancel your accommodation or do other things online? With the Wifi Finder App you can find a WiFi hotspot quickly and easily! Turn on the offline map and go straight to the Hotspot or free WiFi to lead.

You can find the free app for iOS here

47. WHA by Work Hard Anywhere: The app for freelancers who love to travel

A stable internet connection is essential, especially for freelancers - even when traveling! The WHA by Work Hard Anywhere app shows you where the fastest internet connection is in your area. And not only that: Thanks to the app, you can also find out more about the size of the workplace and how the on-site power supply is.

You can find the free app for iOS here.


With these travel apps, you will have an even better adventure in 2019!

Whether you are looking for a toilet, want to know where exactly the sun will rise tomorrow, or want to sweeten your road trip with a great playlist, There is a useful travel app for every situation! With this ultimate list, we've got you covered best travel apps 2019 imagined, not only helping you save time and nerves, but also using your smartphone to get even more out of your adventures!

Do you also have tips and recommendations foruseful apps when traveling? Then bring it on!