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eSport Jobs, Management & Staff (Beta)

NeverBackDown esports
Hello. We are looking for a coach for our LoL team who can increase the potential even further.

We need a coach who brings our team in the diamond area to their limits. Our goal is to do well in the Prime League and other tournaments. If you have a lot of experience in coaching and are interested, feel free to contact me.
You can write to me on Discord NBD.Jojo4484 There you can then discuss and clarify further. LG

MAN! AC is looking for COACH ANALYSTS for High DiaMaster TEAM
MAN! AC is a multigaming organization that emerged from League of Legends and is also competitive in ACC. The focus is on perfect communication.

As a coach we expect the following things- experience as a coach analyst- strong game knowledge- communicative personality who stands by the team in good and bad times.- time to give the team optimal added value- enjoy League of Legends- enjoy a new environment with extreme Motivated players - ability to criticize, as well as being able to express criticism towards higher-ranking persona We look forward to a first conversation with you D
1. Add to Discord Flacks15392. Briefly introduce yourself name, age, history in LoL

3D gaming seeks LOL game managers
You would like to build a LOL community. We're always looking for game managers to help us expand our range of games.

Your area of ​​responsibility- Management and support of the play area chat group, TeamSpeak and a forumYour profile- Minimum age 18 years- Open and communicative person- Good command of spoken and written German- TeamSpeak HeadsetMicrophone are compulsoryWe offer you- Maximum freedom in the design of your area.- One Solid organization with many volunteers and a long list of members who will support you in your project.
If you are interested, please contact our TeamSpeak or send an email to

SoloGenic E-Sports is looking for a League of Legends division manager!
We are looking for a division manager for the game League of Legends! Your task is to integrate the game into our community and to manage it together with our management.

We offer a Discord server with over 400 members, structured management and ambitious plans for the future. We are looking for a division manager who can initiate and lead the development of our LoL division. You should be at least 17 years old, master social skills, take responsibility, work in a structured manner and, if possible, bring contacts to the scene. You are entitled to cooperation with our management as well as participation and voting rights.
Interested Sign up at or on Discord at!

The agency eSports e.V. is looking for coaches
Hey, our organization is currently increasing the number of teams and we would like to upgrade them with coaches. We offer you committed PL teams, cooperation with our head coach, possibly a pocket gel ..

You should bring that with you-LoL player or coach experience-mind. 18 years-very good communication skills-no toxicity-the ability to lead a team-fun to work with a team
Please contact us directly via the LoL client, either add AG Hagenur or Coach Frontside. We look forward to you.

GermanMonkeys eSport e.V. is looking for a LoL coach
We are looking for coaches for our Prime League teams who would like to become part of our family. We currently look after 14 PL teams from Div 6 - Div 3 who want to improve further.

We offer direct contact for questions a broad-based management Up to 20 LOL teams that train regularly Family environment among the teams Have fun and motivation from the community Requirements Good game knowledge of League of Legends Experience in the field of the Prime League A mature and professional appearance Time to support the teams at least 20 years old communicative, capable of criticism and good at communicating
You would like to take a closer look at our associationHomepage www.germanmonkeys.deApplyEmail to marketinggermanmonkeys.deOn our TeamSpeak contact TryToAim Phil.

Inferus eSports is looking for an analyst for League of Legends
Inferus eSports is looking for a capable and motivated analyst to qualify for at least Div. 3 to come.

We are looking for an analyst for Inferus eSports who will work closely with the coach. Your tasks will include analyzing the playing style of the team and that of the opponents and passing them on to the coach. Experience in analyzing games would be advantageous. In addition, an excellent understanding of the game and a master's degree in know-how would be an important factor for us. We also place great value on reliability, punctuality and communication.
Email contactinferus-esports.orgWebsite inferus-esports.orgTeamspeak inferusesports

Team Manager Moderators WANTED
As a team area moderator, you take care of team support and the creation of new teams

As a team area moderator, you take care of team support and the creation of new teams. You help players to find or found a team. You help our teams to find coaches or scrim partners and ensure their satisfaction.
Register at TS at Fire1987Verona in the evening from 7 p.m. or Facebook page httpswww.facebook.comSummonersHeaven

WoR is looking for event managers wmd
We are looking for committed and competent event managers for our WoR staff team. As an event manager, you will work on and control our exciting events from start to finish.

We offer you the freedom to design our events Exciting tasks and challenges Promotion opportunities in several areas Flexible working hours Professional training to become an event manager in our organization as a voluntary activity What are your tasks Integrate your own concepts and ideas into our events Planning and coordination of larger groups of players Organization, implementation and monitoring of the events Content documentation and so on.
Our email for questions contact application and more information at blog-5 application portal

Coach wanted for main team
Hello, we at Viktoria Berlin are looking for a coach for our main team

We scrim 2-3 times a week and need drafts, analyzes and apart from that also support for the Soloq, so that the players improve and we can hold Division 4 or even move up. Long-term goal is Div 2
Added me ingame ViB Simbaoder in Discord Simply Simba1977

Spartans eSports Germany
We are looking for a coach for our main team League of Legends!

Our team is in the high slide area. Play Div 4 in the Prime League. The team is well established and has eSports experience. About you18 experience in coaching Everything else that awaits you with us, we would like to discuss with you in a short interview.
Discord httpsdiscord.ggkhTFVS8eWDSPE wund9rkind - ingame

The UpLife organization is looking for teams!
You want to take your team to the next level You want to start semi-professionally in League of Legends Then it's time for you to join our Orga. to apply!

What are we looking for, an ambitious PlatinDiamond team with goals and dreams? Then you are exactly right with us! We offer you an active scrim community with 22 registered teams in each Elo area! Furthermore, offer exclusive couches, which you can go through with your team drafts and review games! In addition, our organization already owns a successful tournament in which you can participate regularly.
Feel free to contact us via Discord or by email. Email or via Discord httpsdiscord.gg4g36HDCWWXBPX Chase

Div 3 team is looking for an assistant coach
We are looking for an assistant coach for our Div 3 team with the goal of Div 2! You will find out exactly what we want and everything we offer in a direct conversation with us!

What we expect- Motivation- Professionalism- Time to be present at Scrims Training Matchdays- Time management- Knowledge with Excel documents create and edit What we offer- Division 3 Spot- Head Coach, Analyst Head of E-Sport- Clear structures, rules and professionalism
Discord Scooby0491 ELG Holler0055Server httpsdiscord.ggnq2H9vwE-Mail

UpLifeTournament is looking for casters
We are an organization that plans, streams and carries out LoL tournaments. We are currently trying to get bigger and expand our community, so we need new team members

We are currently looking for new casters so that we as staff can continue to concentrate on our areas of responsibility. You should have as much experience as possible in the game and have no problem commenting on the current game and exchanging ideas with your cast partners. In addition, you should have at least 2 hours from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. on the weekends when we hold our tournament and you should also be able to cast in the evening around 6 p.m. 2h.
If you really want to expand our team and give us a helping hand, then get in touch with one of our tournament managers here by message or on our Community Discord.

eWolves Main Team is looking for a coach
The eWolves Main Team is looking for a coach for the upcoming split who feels ready to coach a potential Div 3 team.

We need a coach who can help the team in terms of drafts, game plan and game execution. Previous experience is not necessarily required, but is welcome. In the event of success, e.g. promotion to Div3 in the Primeleague, bonuses are possible. Otherwise the position is voluntary.
Please contact us via DiscordForsaken53EWS Flavio0351 or poke one of the managers on our TS and let them know that you want to talk about the coaching position. TS I