is a scam

Sugar Daddy wants my online banking credentials to deposit - is this a scam?

In addition to the simpler "It's a scam" responses, part of the Sugar Daddy arrangement is control. If the Sugar Daddy doesn't get what he wants, he should be in control of the Sugar Baby Account to withdraw his money or regain control. This ranges from checking bank accounts to checking credit cards and paying the rent. If he's not happy, he can immediately terminate access to housing, transportation, and money.

Perhaps the Sugar Daddy could just set up access to one of their accounts for you, but that weakens their level of control compared to controlling your accounts. He who cuts you off your money puts power in his hands.

Another aspect of control is monitoring. If the sugar arrangement is exclusive, the dad wants to see accounts to make sure it's exclusive.

To be clear, I think answers that this is simply a scam to steal your money are more likely. There is an additional insidious angle with the sugar daddy arrangement, however.


+1 This is of course the real reason (or concern). Going into a sugar baby relationship does not mean just to get money for nothing.

Nate Diamond

This means, of course, that there is no reason OP can't create a dummy account that she gives to Sugar Daddy. This would limit the risk of potential losses, although it can be difficult to get money out of it without arousing suspicion or revealing the other account information. It's probably best to use this account like a debit card, then withdraw cash from ATMs or make direct purchases. This way, the daddy can't get access to the account information from direct transfers.


Even if you use a dummy account, most banks strictly forbid giving your credentials to anyone, including your wife. They can and will freeze access, deny liability, and even take legal action if something happens and they find out you shared your password.


In addition to the potential "cutoff", it is also about surveillance. Even if he never threatens to cut you off, every buying decision you make is now being reviewed.


@James I think the point here is that having a "relationship" with this level of power imbalance can easily be just as bad or worse than just financial theft. Theft happens and then you close the gates - it's a one-off event - misusing life-controlling leverage in a relationship can actively transform a life for decades before it's stopped, and can wreak permanent psychological damage that theft can never hope for.