What are things that no one can see

15 things everyone does but nobody talks about

Status: 03.05.2021 12:35 p.m. | Author: Franzi Pille

Have you ever pissed off the printer because he didn't want to be like you? And did you feel stupid about it? Don't worry, there are things we all do - we just don't talk about them.

You are not alone if you find yourself doing weird stuff. For example, having conversations with the car and persuading it well if it won't start. But that's not the only thing that everyone does but doesn't want to admit.

1. Pack too much underwear

The trip lasts a week - so you need 14 underpants, of course. For safety. After all, it's very likely that you get at least one pair of underpants every day.


2. Take the packaging out of the trash can

Okay, actually the preparation of the bag soup sounds pretty simple: pot, water, bag contents, boil. Nevertheless, you go to the trash can at least twice and check whether you are really doing everything right.


3. Try not to breathe too hard

You have finally pulled yourself up to go jogging - or you always have to go up this one mountain on your way home. If someone comes towards you there, of course, you have to breathe quietly. So that nobody notices that you are dying from the exertion inside.


4. Google yourself

Nobody does. Much too vain. You just happened to know how many people have the same name ...


5. Pretend you're in a music video

You sit on the back seat of the car, raindrops run down the window pane and, fittingly, a sad song is playing on the radio. Suddenly you are right in the middle - in the accompanying music video. Just put on lipsync and a suffering gaze. So emotional!


6. Looking away to avoid conversation

Shit, over there is the annoying colleague from the other department. You don't feel like chatting at all. You don't have to either, because unfortunately you haven't seen him at all. Really! Just look stubbornly in another direction and walk past.


7. Wear the same bra for more than a week

This goes out to all the girls: When was the last time you washed your bra? The closet is full, but only this one fits perfectly. The definition of "clean" is very flexible.


8. Turn around on the way to the toilet because the cell phone is still missing

Hand on heart: You can't get in the bathroom without entertainment. You're happy to take a detour if you don't have your smartphone with you. Otherwise you would have to reach for the shampoo bottle ...


9. Forget to listen to other people

You have made it up to you to memorize the name of your new colleague straight away. Well, unfortunately you forgot him right after she introduced herself. Now just avoid any direct address.


10. Deleting the online shopping cart out of laziness

You spent hours looking for new clothes online, your shopping cart is super full. But during the checkout process, the website suddenly wants your credit card number. Who knows them by heart ?! But get off the couch to get the card? No way! Then just do not.


11. Restart a song because you forgot to enjoy it

That one spot just before the first chorus is SO awesome! What? Already over? You were in your head and couldn't properly appreciate the song you're listening to - so do it all over again.


12. Laugh at jokes you don't understand

If you don't buckle a joke, you tend to have Oscar-worthy laughs. Who likes to admit that they didn't understand something ?!


13. Doing yourself busy so as not to appear lost

You've been waiting in front of the train station for 20 minutes and your appointment is still not there. Fortunately, someone invented the smartphone. So you can swipe around super busy so that nobody gets the idea that you are lost in the area.


14. Insult the printer

Let's put it as it is: printers are the boss. They do everything, just not what you want. Then one quickly slips in: "You stupid bastard, now finally do it".


15. Take a nap and then pretend to be wide awake

"I watch all the time!" Woe if your partner comes up with the idea of ​​grabbing the remote control because you supposedly fell asleep. Not like that. Because you don't sleep at all, you get everything - from this one series there.


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