How do I check a birth certificate

Review of foreign documents

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to know your opinions as to whether it makes legal sense to appeal against the authority's decision.

We have been married for 15 years and we recently had a child. For the birth certificate, the registry office will first check our foreign marriage certificate through the German embassy. The check is very time-consuming and costly for us and we should wait several months until the check is completed. Only then can we get the birth certificate and register the child with the authorities -> complicated.

According to international document traffic of the Foreign Office & lpar; http: // ;, unfortunately our public documents can be checked for use in Germany by the German diplomatic missions abroad. But whether a review of the documents is necessary is at the discretion of the respective authority where the document is to be used for evidence purposes. As I understand it, German authorities can request such document reviews if there are doubts about the evidential value of the documents or the identity of the document holder or if it is feared that the documents are false or incorrect in content.

In our case, we cannot understand what exactly was the reason for the registry office's concerns regarding the verification of our marriage certificate. We have the apostille of our marriage certificate, but apparently it is not enough. Therefore we wanted to write a letter to the registry office and ask the registry office to give a detailed explanation of the reason for the decision. But I don't know whether we have such a right to demand the reason for the decision from the office?

In addition, we wanted to submit further documents with this letter to allay the registry office's concerns about the authenticity of our marriage certificate.

What do you think, does such a letter from the authorities make sense and could it help us?

Thank you for your opinions & excl;