How do programmers deal with stress

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Every working person is familiar with stressful situations at work. However, some professions cause a significantly higher level of stress than others. Particularly in the technology sector, where high requirements meet a pronounced shortage of skilled workers, the result is all too often an understaffed IT department and thus generally inadequate support in important trend areas such as big data, security or mobile.

Stressful jobs can cause burnout and depression

For some people, a stressful working life is not a problem at all, others quickly reach the limits of their resilience or even become seriously ill - keyword burnout. Various scientific studies confirm that work stress can have a negative impact on life expectancy and health. The American Psychological Association (APA) specifies the findings: "In addition to emotional stress, prolonged stress at work can have a drastic effect on physical health. Often, overload at work leads to nutritional problems. In combination with insufficient exercise, obesity, high blood pressure and an increased Cholesterol levels occur. "

The APA also speaks of the loss of mental energy that can be triggered by a negative work atmosphere or an increased stress level in the office. This lack of mental energy can in turn lead to mental health problems and even depression.

The top 8 stressful IT jobs

The US job portal has broken down the most stressful jobs by industry for 2016. The tech industry is represented by eight professions that are generally considered to be stress-intensive. To identify the most stressful IT jobs, CareerCast looked at eleven key factors: travel, growth potential, deadlines, the pressure of public opinion, competition, physical exertion, work environment, concrete, already experienced dangerous situations, poor work-life balance, danger to life for Third parties and engaging with the public. After the participants had weighted each of the stress factors with a value between 1 and 10, the "stress score" of the individual occupations was measured.

  1. 8th place: programmer
    Programmers are faced with similar requirements as software developers - however, they write, test and code the applications and software developed by the developers. Amazingly, according to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), fewer and fewer programmers are being sought.
  2. 7th place: software developer
    The job of a software developer is to develop computer programs. Ideally, he should meet his deadlines, satisfy customers and meet the expectations of his company for software development. The demand for this job profile will increase by 17 percent by 2024, according to the BLS. That also makes the job as a software developer more stressful.
  3. 6th place: IT service technician
    With the technological upturn, the need for service technicians who keep computers and other devices alive in the workplace is growing. So it's not surprising that the IT service technician is one of the eight most stressful IT jobs.
  4. 5th place: data scientist
    The "data madness" has been spreading for a long time. Many companies are therefore desperately looking for data specialists, but cannot find any (or only a few) suitable candidates. The few who already hold such a position have a lot to do.
  5. 4th place: network administrator
    The job of network and system administrator is not enjoying growing popularity (BLS: minus 8 percent by 2024) - but it is still one of the most stressful IT jobs. No wonder, after all, the poor guy with this title on the business card is responsible for all of a company's network traffic.
  6. 3rd place: IT system analyst
    System analysts are responsible for examining a company's IT systems and processes. Your goal: maximum efficiency. The job itself is blessed with a pronounced level of stress - but the stress factor is given a significant boost thanks to the technological zeal of the digitization era.
  7. 2nd place: technical writer
    According to BLS, the profession of technical writer will become increasingly popular over the next eight years (growth by 2024: 27 percent). The main task of the technical writer is to work closely with developers on the basis of which technical documentation, specialist articles, tutorials or operating instructions are created.
  8. 1st place: web developer
    Web application developers have the most stressful job in IT. But also those most in demand by companies - according to BLS, more than one in four HR professionals is looking for skilled workers now or in the coming years.

These IT professions are the ones with the highest stress level, but according to the study, such jobs can also lead to increased satisfaction and a steep career - provided you know how to deal with the stress on the job. Interestingly, the job with the lowest stress level in 2016 was that of security analyst - with a stress score of only 3.8. For comparison: the most stressful job in 2016 is that of a US professional soldier - with a score of 84.8.

  1. The big salary study for IT professionals
    Compensation Partner examined a total of 15,497 data sets for the "IT functions" compensation study. The data collection took place between May and August 2015.
  2. IT security experts ...
    ... earn 70,763 euros a year, making them the IT specialists with the second best remuneration.
  3. IT consultant ...
    ... can look forward to annual salaries between 65,000 and 70,000 euros (in SAP consulting).
  4. With software developers ...
    ... the pay gap is widening: While SAP and mobile developers can expect a good 58,000 and 54,000 euros respectively, front-end developers (43,200 euros) and web developers (35,800 euros) have to be content with less.
  5. At the administrators ...
    ... the wage pendulum is not so strong. Your annual earnings are 47,848 euros in system and network administration and 51,891 euros in database administration.
  6. Banks pay best
    The salary of an IT professional depends heavily on the industry in which they work. IT project managers, for example, earn best in banks, but significantly less in retail.
  7. IT project manager ...
    ... are among the best-paid professionals in the IT industry.
  8. ... get IT project manager ...
  9. ... if you work at a bank.
    This means that he receives more than twice as much as his colleague in the advertising and PR industry.
  10. ... receive IT project manager ...
  11. ... in the telecommunications industry.
    This means that the telecommunications industry is one of the sectors that pay above-average rates.
  12. ... earn IT project managers ...
  13. ... in the auto industry.
    The automotive companies are also paying well. For comparison: In media companies, an IT project manager has to be content with 61,000 euros a year.
  14. ... get IT project manager ...
  15. ... in software companies.
  16. ... receive IT project manager ...
  17. ... in an IT system house.
    Here, the IT project manager can expect average earning opportunities.
  18. ... earn IT project managers ...
  19. ... in advertising and PR.
    This is how advertising agencies pay their IT project managers the worst.
  20. Also for software developers ...
    ... it makes a difference whether you work in a chemical company (top) or in retail or in advertising and PR (flop).
  21. ... gets a software developer ...
  22. ... as a bank employee.
    He earns 35,000 euros more a year than his colleague in an advertising or PR agency.
  23. ... receives a software developer ...
  24. ... in the chemical industry.
    Chemical companies traditionally pay well.
  25. ... a software developer deserves ...
  26. ... in the metal industry.
    This means that the metal industry is one of the sectors that pay above average.
  27. ... gets a software developer ...
  28. ... in the construction industry.
    Construction companies tend to pay below-average salaries.
  29. ... receives a software developer ...
  30. ... at retail.
    Here, too, developers have to bake smaller rolls.
  31. ... a software developer deserves ...
  32. ... if he works in an advertising agency.
    This is where a developer earns the worst. Even in media houses, the chances of earning 48,000 euros are hardly better.
  33. IT consultant ...
    ... are among the IT specialists who are best paid.
  34. ... gets an IT consultant ...
  35. ... in vehicle construction.
    This is by far the best way for automotive companies to pay their IT consultants.
  36. ... the IT consultant receives ...
  37. ... in the pharmaceutical industry.
    This means that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the sectors with above-average compensation.
  38. ... the IT consultant deserves ...
  39. ... in medical technology.
  40. ... the IT consultant gets ...
  41. ... in the healthcare system.
    For comparison: IT consultants already earn 36,000 euros less than their professional colleagues who work for a car company.
  42. ... the IT consultant receives ...
  43. ... in media companies.
    Media companies tend to pay below-average salaries.
  44. ... the IT consultant deserves ...
  45. ... in the mail order business.
    This means that the mail order IT consultant pays the worst.
  46. System administrators too ...
    ... have to adjust to large differences in salaries in the individual industries.
  47. ... gets a system administrator ...
  48. ... in car companies.
    This is where the admin has the best earnings prospects.
  49. ... receives a system administrator ...
  50. ... in aviation.
    This makes the aviation industry one of the sectors that pay above average.
  51. ... deserves a system administrator ...
  52. ... in the electrical engineering industry.
  53. ... gets a system administrator ...
  54. ... in a research institute.
    Research institutes tend to pay below-average salaries.
  55. ... receives a system administrator ...
  56. ... in the wood and furniture industry.
    For comparison: Here an admin earns 28,000 euros less than his colleague in vehicle construction.
  57. ... deserves a system administrator ...
  58. ... at retail.
  59. Salaries by region
    The region also influences the salary: Using the example of a SAP consultant, we show how salaries can vary.
  60. Munich
    SAP consultants earn best in Munich. Here you can look forward to an annual salary of 81,865 euros.
  61. Frankfurt am Main
    Here the SAP consultant also earns above average, namely 80,747 euros.
  62. Stuttgart
    As a SAP consultant in Stuttgart, you only get slightly less than in Frankfurt, namely 79,001 euros.
  63. Dusseldorf
    In Düsseldorf you earn 76,486 euros a year.
  64. Hamburg
    In the Hanseatic city, the annual earnings of a SAP consultant amount to 71,806 euros.
  65. Hanover
    In Hanover, a SAP consultant gets 69,851 euros per year, which corresponds to the average of 100 percent.
  66. Berlin
    In the capital, SAP consultants are paid EUR 65,310 annually.
  67. Dresden
    In Dresden, the SAP consultant receives € 57,906, which is significantly less than his colleagues in Munich or Frankfurt.
  68. Saxony
    SAP consultants in Saxony earn less than average at 55,321 euros a year.
  69. Saxony-Anhalt
    The annual salary for SAP consultants in Saxony-Anhalt is estimated at 52,877 euros.
  70. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
    In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, a SAP consultant gets the least with 50,851 euros.