What is your most memorable medical moment

Clairvoyants and fortune tellers tell of their moment of awakening

Everyone can remember their first time. However, some people associate it with the day on which they joined the world of the occult. We asked female and male fortune tellers, tarot card readers, and astrologers when they first realized they had a gift and who their most memorable clients were. One of the great realizations: Especially when we are going through bad things, our senses should supposedly sharpen so that we are more receptive to prophetic dreams and visions.

Frank Andrews, medium

Broadly: When did you first realize you were a medium?
Frank Andrews: I must have been about eight or nine years old. I woke up in the middle of the night and sat up and saw a woman sitting at the foot of my bed. I knew who she was — and to the best of my knowledge she was still alive at the time. It wasn't floating, but it looked like it was constantly moving. I looked at her and said, “You look so beautiful. Why did you come here? "And she said," I have come to say goodbye. " After that, it simply dissolved into many small, twinkling stars.

The next morning I was having breakfast with my sister, who also has clairvoyance, when my mother answered the phone in the next room. Back then you only had a phone. She came back into the room with that look on her face and said, "Do you know who died last night?" When I answered, "Grace," she asked me how I knew and I told her, "I have seen them. She was in my bedroom last night. "My mom just said," Oh, then you saw a ghost. Don't tell anyone. They'll think you're crazy. " That's how it all started.

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You also had to do with Andy Warhol. How did that happen?
He never let the future be predicted, he was too scared. He made a portrait of me, for which I gave him lithographs of John Lennon. I got it from Yoko Ono. They were called "Bag # 1". There should also be "Bag # 2" and "Bag # 3", but then he was murdered. The portrait is really beautiful and people just keep saying, "Oh, he must have liked you you look really good. " Many of his portraits look a bit crooked or the mouth is a bit shifted because he thought portraits were a pure ego trip. But I didn't ask him for the portrait — he asked me.

One evening we went to the Odeon with a small group. I pulled out a tarot card and wrote on the back, “For Andy. With love, Frank Andrews. "I pushed the card across the table, he looked at it and put it away. It was the death card. That was the last time I saw him. A lot of people asked me," Why did you give him this card? " But I told them I just pulled one out. He died shortly afterwards.

Kali Ma, medium and fortune teller

BROADLY: Can you remember the first time you felt that you had a gift?
Kali Ma: At first I just noticed that I always knew exactly when my partner cheated on me. [laughs] I always had very vivid dreams, but when I told my partners about them, they were usually very defensive and angry. Nevertheless it has come true every time; sometimes years later.

You can tell you have a gift when you are forced to use it — when your body and senses are so heightened that you are aware of everything around you because you are in a situation that is harmful to you. You will be warned by your guides and your angels and your spirit and higher self will say, "Hey, this is bad for you and we will show you how bad it is."

What was the most memorable breakthrough you have ever seen in a client?
I warned someone that they were going to lose a lot of money. In the end, they lost around $ 70,000. I told them what not to do, but they did it anyway. And it turned out exactly as I said. Then they came to me again and said: "Do you want to be our guru?" But I only said: "For God's sake, no. I will not work with someone who does not listen to me."

Broadly: When did you first feel like you had a gift?
Gayle Stacher: The first time I can remember when I was 12. I dreamed that my grandfather died. In my dream, I was standing outside looking inside. My entire family was there, except for my grandfather. My grandfather died in the hospital on Father's Day. I still remember how real that dream felt. I had this premonition of what the future would look like. Even as a child, I always felt that I knew something, but I couldn't tell what it meant.

Do you often have visions in your dreams?
I think we are all very sensitive and dreams are great. When you wake up and remember your dream, write it down, even if it's just the color or the mood. Did you hear anything? Which animal was there? And then you should write down some of these symbols and look them up in a book. Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, for example, is a fantastic book on interpreting signs and omens. In this way I put the individual symbols together and can then see what they mean and what to look out for.

How can tarot cards help us understand who we are?
They are an invitation to self-awareness. We meet, look at the signs and try to figure out what to do to take the next step in our lives. Think of it as a visual dictionary full of symbols, colors, and numbers. It gives me the platform to tell you about your story. That is of the greatest importance to me. It can have something healing properties and it shows the way.

Angel Eyedealism, astrologer

BROADLY: When did you realize you had a gift?
Angel eye dealism: When I was a young woman, I had several near-death experiences. I nearly died at least ten times during the 1980s and 90s. I have devoted myself to astrology, tarot, metaphysics and read everything I found about color therapy. That way I healed myself. I studied all of these things and understood that I was not going to die and I knew that because I could feel it - in a spiritual sense. The traditional medical route almost killed me and I can still remember how comforting it was to know that I was not going to die. I felt it deep inside me. There is a window of opportunity between life and death so what are you going to do with it? I wanted to live and do all I could.

How has astrology helped you in everyday life?
I've always been terribly dependent on others. I always wanted to help broken guys, but nobody wanted to. The people I tried to help - whether they were drug addicts or alcoholics - just didn't want help. I didn't understand that until someone finally said to me: “You won't help them if you help them.” That's why I am now sitting here and helping people by informing them about certain things I can only hope that you will accept this information, this practical advice.

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Which clients made the most impression on you?
This Indian couple was with me once. I never give out any information, it's private, but let's just call him Mr. X. He wanted to quit his job because he was quite stressed and had worked there for ten years. But Jupiter was under the sign of money. I just said to him: “Don't quit. There's money waiting for you soon — it could be tomorrow. ”So he went back to work the next day and got a huge raise. I didn't hear from him, but then one day his wife called and made an appointment . She wanted to have a baby and tried to get pregnant for over 15 years. They were very in love and it was really beautiful. The fifth house is the birth and she had Chiron, the wounded healer who means a lot of pain told her that she would have to wait six months for Chiron to disappear from this house, then she would have a chance. ”Then a few months ago Mr. X emailed me saying,“ We ​​have a little one Girls! We love her so much! " Having children is a big issue for a lot of people and I was actually able to help them with it.

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