How do I start an airline

Qantas boss advises school boys (10): start an airline!

What did you dream of as a child? Did you want to become a pilot or a flight attendant? Then you feel like ten-year-old Alex from Australia. He is incredibly fascinated by aviation and is already planning the really big business: He wants to found his own airline!

The name has already been determined: the “Oceania Express” should soon be flying through the air.

School boy from Australia founds his own airline "Oceania Express"

During the holidays he worked on his business idea: "I've already thought about what kind of aircraft I need, flight numbers, catering and more."

And of course the important positions have already been filled: “I am the airline's CEO. I've also hired a CFO, an IT manager, a maintenance manager, an on-board services manager, and a legal manager. "

But: too little work for too long a vacation. The workaholic Alex can't get enough and wants to talk from boss to boss with Qantas managing director Alan Joyce and has therefore written him a letter in which he asked: "What else can I do for my airline?"

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Qantas answers and exceptionally helps the competition

Above all, Alex doesn’t let him rest: He is planning to use an Airbus A350 for a non-stop flight from the east coast of Australia to London. But the 21-hour flight would mean one thing: no sleep.

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Qantas boss Alan Joyce actually answered the boy! He has already heard of the new competition, he writes. “I usually don't give advice to competitors. But I make an exception because I was once a boy who was fascinated by flying and all of its possibilities. "

His most important tip: The top priority is always the safety of the passengers. In addition, Alex should do everything possible to make traveling as pleasant as possible - Qantas has been doing this for 100 years.

Qantas wants to work with school boy airline

Qantas CEO Joyce sees potential in the visionary: Qantas is also planning a 21-hour non-stop flight from the east coast of Australia to London (Qantas currently flies non-stop from Perth on the west coast to England).

And he invites the ten-year-old competitor to a meeting: The businessmen could work together on the “Project Sunrise”, which is currently working on more comfortable solutions for long-haul flights.

Almost 78,000 Twitter users like the possible collaboration between the oldest and youngest airlines in Australia.