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An Irish touchdown is enough

The 12: 7 win of Notre Dame against Louisville did not tear coaches or fans from their seats. "I know a 12: 7 is not a result that will one day be a classic, we didn't score that many touchdowns, but we did a lot right. Of course we have to improve in the Red Zone," explained Head Coach Brian Kelly immediately after the final whistle and did not necessarily expect to be among the top 4 in the ranking tables, although the Fighting Irish have already won four wins in this unusual season. However, it must also be taken into account that the four victories were fought over teams that received only four wins and 15 defeats this year. Only the victory against Florida State was a success against a well-known team. The tough opponents, like Clemson, are still to come and the Irish have no real chance of winning against the Tigers.

Opinions differed on the Irish's performance. QB Ian Book threw eleven complete passes, scoring a spectacular touchdown in the third quarter and RB Kyren Williams rushed 127 yards. Brian Kelly, of course, knows what to work on. 68.8 percent of their Red Zone activities resulted in a touchdown, which puts them in 33rd place in the United States. Against Louisville they only achieved a rate of 60 percent. The Irish Defense finally made the best impression. The Cardinals were reduced to 12 yards in the first quarter and Louisville received the ball for only eight minutes during the first two quarters. Louisville then used the opening drive in the third quarter effectively and in the fourth attempt Marshon Ford caught the 7: 6 lead. Notre Dame's answer came promptly. Book's 13-yard run made the final score 12-7.

Schlüter - October 18, 2020

Fighting Irish Head Coach Brian Kelly knows his team's weaknesses. (© Getty Images)

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