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A comprehensive guide to the German developer job market [Infographic]

Java, SQL and JavaScript are most in demand

Are you an expert in Java? Then Munich is the perfect place for you. There is currently more than 1,600 open Java positions. In contrast to Berlin, developers predominantly find positions in large corporations and medium-sized companies rather than in start-ups. If you feel most comfortable in your business clothes or a suit and like to be surrounded by high society people, you will certainly feel comfortable here.

In contrast, Berlin has the highest number of Ruby developer jobs. This phenomenon can be perfectly explained by the strong and exciting startup scene in the city. Young and innovative companies particularly enjoy working with this programming language, so it is not surprising that there are many open positions in this area. Berlin is also definitely the right place for you if you want to live in a multicultural and vibrant city.

Nationwide is the most popular programming language Java with approx. 13,100 vacancies, followed by SQL - 10,400 positions - and JavaScript - with almost 7,700 job searches. After Python has seen a significant increase in recent years, it is now ranked 4th among the most popular programming languages ​​in Germany.

Would you like more information?

The most important facts are shown in the following infographic. If you are interested in the datasets or looking for a specific reference, you can find the relevant sources we used for this research at the end of this post.

This information gives you a basic orientation on the German developer market. Now you have everything you need to apply for the position of your choice. We wish you the best of luck and all the best for your future career!

(The labor market fluctuates strongly and a changing demand for programming languages ​​is to be expected in the short term. The data of the present study refer to March 6, 2020.)