Why does well water smell like sulfur

Re: Well water stinks - what to do?

Contribution from claudiazoe ยป19 Oct 2016, 12:37

LADY GODIVA With us the well is only there to water the garden. And I can live with the smell. Mei Mo had these feelings. : roll: The previous owners had already connected the rain gutters to the fountain. We took it over. There is already an underground tributary. I didn't want to do a great renovation. Could have been that there was a little powder that neutralized everything. : oops:: wink: Last year, for example, I kept having to fish our personal common toad out of the well. : evil: The devil knows how she got in there. The fountain has a child-resistant cover. Thanks for your tips. Gika Unfortunately, the roots are below the surface of the water and quite deep. It's not that easy to get to either. When I discovered them, I checked with the church. They said the neighbor would be responsible for removing his thuja. We hadn't dealt with the subject any further because we didn't want any gossip. But put it on the list if it comes to impairments. See you learned again. : D Also, the ole thing could tip over in the next storm, hopefully on his house and not ours. Another topic that I should clarify in terms of insurance. : roll: I will pass the article on. Thank you. Yersenia Nope, there are no rainwater filters and it is too much effort. If the water is harmless to health, we will simply accept the smell. There will probably be an analysis, also on TOC. I'll pass it on whatever it is. My husband will already know. : D Thanks also to you LG Claudia