How did you get a sugar baby

Sugar babies

Kerstin Grether

Still available from Ventil: The original edition of Kerstin Grether's impressive debut novel.

»Zuckerbabys« is about the exciting - and draining - life in today's casting society. It's all about a bunch of adventurous girls who want more than life is ready to reveal at first sight.

Sonja is particularly hungry because she wants to be a singer. But she didn't count on the sadistic elasticity of modern media images. Day and night they beat the beautiful, artificially skinny singers around the ears. Until Sonja is deaf to the music and sings pictures instead of songs. Until Sonja is torn through all phases of anorexia.

Kerstin Grether describes the dreams and nightmares of her characters in a haunting, laconic and full of humor. Describes in longingly elegiac monologues the pain of growing up, the search for love and friendship, for beauty and expression. And in peppered dialogues gives answers to questions that are unfortunately still taboo. But »Zuckerbabys« is also a book about and in the language of pop songs.

Judith Holofernes (Wir Sind Helden): »Of course, sugar babies are not allowed to eat sugar - otherwise they will be too big and not cute. And dreams, especially pop dreams, are only allowed to be lived by the cute ones. Sonja knows that, and because she just wants to sing, she starves herself small so that she can finally be big. In euphoric language that can be as snappy, erratic and floating like starving thoughts, Kerstin Grether tells of one of our most popular nightmares. "

Dirk von Lowtzow (Tocotronic): »A wonderfully poetic book for everyone who has a sense of humor and yet understands seriousness. It's a book for everyone. "

»A rousing book from the world of starving women.« (Sven Regener)

The press

"Kerstin Grether remains, as an envious colleague once grumbled on the fringes of the Frankfurt Book Fair,› the Susan Sontag of German pop criticism - serious about fun, but not half as boring as the rest of us, who try it all the time ‹." (Dietmar Dath in the FAZ)

»A book that works like good pop: straight to the stomach.« (Amica)

Reading sample

The laundromat greets you like an oversized toilet block. I roll the bags off my hands and automatically look up at the televisions. Oh, the "Beautiful" video by Christina Aguilera! In the midst of all the stranded people, her beauty stabs the heart like a rising morning sun. That hair made of sea and wheat. And a milk-and-honey complexion. Hach, to melt away. And yet she still has a dumpling level of compassion for the ugly and weak of this world. Otherwise would she have brought a whole underdog park into the video? The pictures of the emaciated girls and the sad transvestites make me very tingly. Thank you Christina for telling us we are all equally beautiful.
Machine 1, 2 and 3 are still free, I automatically separate the 95 from the 30 degree laundry and catch myself singing along a few lines:
You are beautiful, no matter what they say ... so don't you bring me down today.
Add the 10 cents for the fabric softener and I press the snake-like start symbol. The water leaps off with a small sigh of relief - damn image addiction, I'm already looking up hard again. The "beautiful" shocker is still going on. It's actually nice that Christina is sitting in a large, bare room. The green-brown crumbled wallpaper - like in one of those renovated apartments that you can rent for a lot of money down by the harbor. And she purrs the tones out of herself, as if she herself had needed a lot of space and port to become the aura it is today. Why is she shaking her head so thoughtfully now? Is something wrong? Oh, damn it, let the stupid cow shake her head. It's probably just one of those fashionable cheeks that used to bother you with make-up tips in business school: “How can you walk around with such an unhealthy complexion? If I was as pale as them, at least I would wear makeup. Here, try it! "
In fact, it always looked better with make-up.
When I wake up in my make-up. I am discovering more and more that the head-shakers from business school were right. I just have to look at my colleagues in the agency, sitting at their computer castles stressed by artificial light - and edit one more picture and one more picture and one more. So it makes sense soon to put make-up on the dark circles under the eyes, to calm them down with eyebright extract or with lukewarm cornflower tea - as you always read in women's magazines. That's it: zipping through the wilderness without dark circles.
The videos are already glowing again, as if they were made of colorful bath additive beads. And all people have beautiful big eyes and beautiful big mouths. “What if you're not in control of your life right now? don't hang your head. You know: when the time comes, advice comes, «says the small, wiry moderator.
Ha! Twenty minutes to go. The clothes are already spinning. I am thrilled to see how new things will all be. Then I throw them back in the bags and get out of there. The thunderstorm has also cleared.