Are work from home real

Do you work to live or do you live to work?
Whatever. When things go well, you have work AND life in your life. 🙂

The so-called compatibility of family and work - or in new German the work-life balance - is on everyone's lips. Just a short-lived trend on the job market? Not at all! In fact, it is often a big challenge to keep work and life in harmony. I've been able to sing a song about it personally for almost 30 years.

When I was 19, I started studying while pregnant. Immediately after graduating from school, I experienced first hand what compatibility means and how challenging everyday life can be with the double joy of studying and family life. When I actually (despite !?) had successfully completed my studies after the standard period of study and wanted to start my professional life, the next disenchantment came: fellow students * with the same profile & grades were invited to job interviews, not me ... Was it the child on the résumé? It was obvious.

But such challenges tend to spur me on. Over the years it became more and more clear to me in my professional career: I would like to contribute in the working world to making it possible to combine work and life more. And that's exactly what I'm currently doing at Westfalen. Namely in employer branding (= employer marketing). Positioning Westphalia as an attractive employer is what it's all about. And an employer who makes it easier for you to reconcile is definitely attractive, right?

Now I'm almost 50, a proud mother of three children and a young grandmother. I have never allowed myself long professional breaks. I have (unfortunately) already gained very intensive experience with the subject of “how do I combine care and work”. That is a completely different number than having to combine a child (ren) and a job. Because care cannot be planned, nor is the approaching end of life of the loved one associated with joy. In my 25 years of professional life I was employed by 8 companies. Not every one of these employers would have deserved an award from me for a good work-life balance. I have been working at Westfalen AG since May 2018 and I have to say: it’s really possible here!

In addition to a 37.5 hour week and 30 days of annual leave, you can take up to 10 days off for overtime. And yes, overtime happens every now and then. But these can and should also be dismantled in leisure time. So that's up to 40 free days per year for reconciliation, relaxation and family fun. That's great!

In addition to flexible working hours, the place of work can also be flexible. This means that it is also possible to work on the move, e.g. from home. This not only saves you commuting, you can also go to a doctor's appointment in between, keep a half-sick child company, let a craftsman in, receive a visit from the medical service of the health insurance company to classify the need for care or whatever needs to be agreed. Because every employee * also has a (private) life that sometimes competes with working life in terms of time.

Westfalen also offers all employees * another attractive service for many everyday challenges. So we can use the support of the service provider free of charge. On the one hand, you can get advice from the experts there. In terms of content, this ranges from childcare and care to addiction, debt, family, victim and life counseling. I would have loved to use that when it came to caring for my father. Unfortunately, he passed away in February 2018.

On the other hand, you can get childcare and emergency care for children free of charge via Troubled families know what I'm talking about: suddenly the childminder is sick, the day care center is closed or there is a moving day at the school. Westfalen even covers the costs of emergency care for up to 5 days, if this prevents a loss of work. services can also be used free of charge for arranging house and garden help, tutoring, au pairs, animal care and caregivers. And let's be honest: all in all, that's a lot more than an average family-friendly employer usually offers.

Combining work and life is and often remains a challenge.
At Westfalen it's noticeably easier!

Family-friendly greetings
Tanja Stanke

*The gender craze in texts - that is, the legally correct spelling and mention of all genders - sorry, is just horribly ugly. But I'm an esthete 🙂 And let's be honest: you can overdo it. Although I am a woman, I feel addressed when “only” employees and fellow students are mentioned. I hope so will those affected * mentioned in the text.

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