What makes great things great

50+ great things for your digital lifestyle

We are fortunate enough to live in an absolutely outstanding time: You and I have an incredible number of options. New possibilities are added every day and we are getting better and better. The world looked very different 10 years ago than it does today. No wonder you haven't tried all new options, products, technologies, or ideas. But I have the solution:

I've put together a really fat list for you. And there are really only great things in there. Things that I tried myself at some point and that helped me. I promise you that you will find at least one new thing in my list that you do not know yet and should try. Why am I so sure about that? Well, you can find out about that in the list too. But before:

I am extremely happy to be able to make you an exciting announcement: I was able to win some extremely successful top bloggers in Germany and can give you an exclusive insight into their greatest things for the digital lifestyle. Have fun browsing and discovering. Let's push your digital lifestyle to a whole new level in record time!

1) A cellular plan that I love - and why you'll love it too

The data volume of your mobile phone is empty and even the WhatsApp messages take forever? I understand you. I had the problem earlier too. What would you say if you had 1 gigabyte of data volume per day at a fair price?

With it you could stream 2 hours of videos, an additional 4 hours of surfing the Internet, 6 hours of chatting via WhatsApp and 3 hours of calling via VoIP - per day.

And if that's not enough for you, then do it like me: Just book unlimited data volume. Of course with LTE, VoLTE, tethering and all the trimmings. Quite simply and straightforwardly with freenet FUNK.

Since I have unlimited data volume, I can also bring my laptop or friends to the Internet via tethering without any worries.

2) How to get smart as a fox without reading

I gave up reading books a few years ago. Because I've discovered something better. Maybe you've already guessed it: it's about audio books. You can find out why you should definitely try it out in my article: Why I don't read books - and you better not read either.

3) An amazing alternative to postage stamps

I used to be bothered with stamps. Until I stumbled upon the cell phone postage by accident. You can find out exactly how mobile phone postage works in Digital Postage: Franking letters with mobile phone postage.

4) How to have your computer or laptop with you wherever you go

Do you have a laptop Not me. Still, I always have my computer with me wherever I go. Without any effort and without preparation. The trick is simple: I have my smartphone with me. I can start my computer with my smartphone and then see everything as if I were sitting in front of it. You can find out how this works in my post: Controlling computers remotely? No problem!

5) I'll tell you about my biggest mistake in technology

First came the smartphones. And soon after that came many more smart gadgets. Although I'm interested in technology, for some time I thought like you might also: A smart home is just superfluous electrical stuff. I do not need that. Then at some point the following happened:

A friend bought an Amazon Alexa device. That was the first step towards the smart home. So I came into regular contact with the device from him - and finally bought an Amazon Alexa myself a few weeks later. In retrospect, my problem was probably:

I didn't know what to do with a smart home or an Alexa.

In the meantime I have several Alexa devices in use, plus speakers from Sonos and Philipps Hue lamps as lighting and have been very satisfied with them for several years. Maybe you dare to take the first step and just try it out. I've packed all of my smart home devices into a list for you, so it works: my ultimate smart home list

6) Caschy's 3 most important things for the digital lifestyle

With Caschy's blog, Carsten "Caschy" runs one of the most well-known blogs in Germany on the topics of smart home, software, hardware, mobile computing & Co. I am very pleased to be able to exclusively introduce you to his 3 most important things for the digital lifestyle:

  • It's all in the mix: In everyday digital life, in the best case scenario, many things mesh perfectly. Carsten recommends making the digital lifestyle as comfortable as possible. For him it starts with the music. For mix tapes, mashups and classic mixes, Mixcloud is his number 1. If you really want to concentrate, he likes to use some really weird videos on YouTube: background noises from the spaceship Nostromo from the film "Alien", sounds from Blade Runner or unlimited LoFi -Music. I can understand him absolutely: A crackling open fire in the background or the sounds of gentle summer rain often run on my headphones for hours.
  • Stay fit: Carsten recommends creating a balance after hours of sitting work. Get up, take breaks. Carsten has also bought a standing desk: Tried the Ikea Skarsta standing desk
  • Don't be too stingy: Don't get angry about bad hardware with compromises. Carsten recommends buying the hardware you want - at least if you earn money with it. Work has to be fun and it does that when the setup is right.

7) How secure are your online accounts from a hacker attack?

Imagine a hacker cracks your email account and has access to all of your accounts. Suddenly you get an invoice for thousands of euros from Amazon for purchases made through your account. Private photos that you actually only share with selected friends suddenly end up publicly on the Internet. Absolute horror, I know. But there is a solution:

Many services on the Internet offer so-called "2-factor authentication". This means that in addition to your password, the hacker needs further information before he can log into your account. This second piece of information can be, for example, a number code that you can receive on your smartphone via SMS.

It is best to check now whether you can turn on 2-factor authentication at least for your most important accounts. I either use codes via SMS or the Google Authenticator app on my smartphone. But be careful: Before you change your mobile phone number or delete the app from your smartphone, you have to switch off the 2-factor authentication again - otherwise you will lock yourself out of your accounts.

8) A smart trick for more movement in your everyday life

Can you find out what they have in common: movie night, studies, restaurant, job, travel? You probably already guessed it: Often all of this happens sitting down most of the time. But watch out, I'll tell you my trick for more exercise in your everyday life:

I use my smartphone as a pedometer. I have installed the Stepz app on my smartphone. I have defined a daily goal for my number of steps in the app. And now watch out: I don't reach the goal every day. But just by striving for the goal you are already increasing your daily number of steps.

The only important thing is that you check your app twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening. I promise you that you will increase your daily exercise in everyday life.

9) And whoosh, you're off your work

All companies want, should or have to digitize. But did you know that you too can digitize your life privately? After all, this is about the "digital lifestyle". In my article, I'll give you the right tool for this: Simply digitize work

10) Right now: How to send files on the Internet

Have you ever tried emailing files? I beg you: don't do it. It not only clogs your mailbox, but also that of your recipient. Often it doesn't work anyway, ends up in the spam folder or is blocked by the antivirus tool. How to do it right: Sending and receiving files on the Internet - that is what you should know

11) Where does the hot music come from?

Yes, where does your hot music come from? My music comes through Spotify and YouTube Music. With millions of songs there is more music there than any human can ever hear. This works on the smartphone, on the PC or laptop, in the web browser, on the smart TV and of course in the smart home with Sonos speakers and Alexa device. In the sense: "Alexa, play Hope from Jan Delay in the living room."

12) How to recognize each song directly

There are so many great songs in the world. In the past, I often heard great songs - and then never found them again. The problem was: I didn't know what the song was called. The solution is simple:

The next time you hear a great song, just pull out your smartphone and start Shazam. With the Shazam app, your smartphone recognizes most songs within seconds using the built-in microphone. You will then see the artist and his song and can even add the song directly to a Spotify playlist. Just great!

13) Cheating: How to type on your smartphone like a god

You may know it from your parents: When you write with them on WhatsApp, it often says: "Writing ..." and it happens for a long time: nothing. I'm sure you're much faster than your parents. I will tell you how you can become even faster and write long texts with few errors on your smartphone:

I am often out and about, for example taking the train. Sometimes I also like to sit outside or in a cafe to work. I don't always want to carry a laptop with me just to type a few texts. I just use a bluetooth keyboard and pair it with my smartphone. For example, I wrote parts of this post on my smartphone while sitting in the garden.

The keyboard I use for this can be folded up and even fits easily into many jacket pockets. The battery lasts forever and the weight is hardly noticeable: my Bluetooth keyboard for the smartphone.

14) How to get great technology gadgets cheaply in 5 minutes

I made super cool vacation videos with a GoPro action cam. Then I made impressive recordings of my homeland with a DJI drone. I also tested an Apple Watch during fitness training and some city trips. And now it's getting interesting: I paid surprisingly little for it. How did I do that?

I didn't buy the GoPro, the DJI Drone or the Apple Watch, but rented them - for less than 100 euros. I don't need an action cam all year round, only when I'm on vacation. Within a few weeks, I used the drone to visit the places where I wanted to take photos and videos from the air. And I actually wanted to test the Apple Watch extensively before I buy it. OK, pay attention:

If you want to try it out yourself, you can easily register with Grover within 5 minutes. Then you choose the technology product of your dreams and have it sent to your home by post. It can be so easy. Next up on my list is an e-scooter.

15) Break up with your old people bank - once and for all

Oh how did I hate it: I used to have my account at a Volksbank. Online banking was cruel. The first app for the smartphone made a lot worse. Paying in cash was only possible on site during opening hours, there was no deposit machine. Withdrawing money was possible at the machine, but not with a desired denomination of the notes. Then there are the account management fees. And then I realized:

I don't have to do this to myself. I can easily switch my bank account. And indeed: other banks are doing better. I switched from Volksbank to comdirect Bank a few years ago and have been significantly more satisfied in every respect since then. Back then I was even given 100 euros for changing my bank account. OK, pay attention:

If you are dissatisfied with your bank, let them know and go to another bank. Your old bank learns that it has to get better and you finally get a modern bank account with online banking via app, Apple Pay / Google Pay and no account management fees. You don't have to walk into any branch to do this, you can do everything easily with your smartphone thanks to the online account opening: secure a free current account from comdirect

16) Peers 3 most important things for the digital lifestyle

Peer runs a successful blog on self-employment, self-employment and making money on the Internet with selfaendig-im-netz.de. Here are his 3 most important things for the digital lifestyle:

  • A lot helps a lot: Peer uses two screens to work on the computer. With two screens there is simply more screen space, i.e. more space for content. This means that several program windows or websites can be displayed at the same time in an acceptable size.
  • Save time: Peer uses Auphonic to optimize his podcasts. Thanks to the 1-click optimization, he can save an enormous amount of time.
  • Automate work: To automate social media notifications, use Peer Buffer.

17) My 3 simple tips for your next train journey

I travel a lot by train. My 3 tips for your train travel and the digital lifestyle:

  • Make sure you use the DB Navigator app on your smartphone. You can load your train tickets there, buy train tickets and check train connections and delays. If you have a train card, you can also save it in the app.
  • Save some music, audio books or videos locally on your smartphone before your train journey. Newer trains often have WiFi, but I wouldn't rely on it. And the mobile internet on the train is very changeable. In many apps you can download content for offline access, e.g. in Spotify, Audible, Netflix or Disney +.
  • Take your headphones with you and - if you have one - sit in a train carriage with a relaxation area. It is often quieter there and you have your peace and quiet. But make sure, of course, that your headphones are not set too loud and disturb other travelers. You can also find rest areas on the train via the DB Navigator app.

18) The 6 apps for perfect photos in record time

I take a lot of photos with my iPhone and also share some photos on Instagram (My Instagram). The following apps are extremely helpful:

  • Adobe Lightroom helps you edit the lighting and mood of the photos. So that everything goes quickly, I use templates from the following app:
  • FLTR offers you presets for the Adobe Lightroom app. Presets are just filters with settings for lights, colors and such. You can then easily apply the filters to your photos in the Adobe Lightroom app.
  • SKRWT helps you to improve the perspective of photos afterwards. This makes it very easy to create straight lines, e.g. of building facades, furniture and much more. This definitely gives your photos a much more professional look.
  • Touch Retouch makes it easy to remove annoying objects in photos. You can quickly remove people, rubbish and much more from your photos.
  • I sometimes use Prisma to give photos an artistic style. With the filters from the Prisma app, you can easily turn your photos into paintings, for example.
  • I use VSCO to cut photos. I also like the filters in the VSCO app, I particularly like the black and white filters better than the presets from the FLTR app.

I use the iPhone 11 Pro for the photos - but of course the apps should also work on any other iPhone.

19) Effortless: How to Never Carry Drinks Again

A cold lemonade tastes particularly good, especially in summer. Unfortunately, dragging crates of drinks is no fun at all. But I have the solution:

With a digital lifestyle, you can simply order your drinks on your smartphone and have them delivered directly to your door within the next few hours - at no extra cost. If you are still missing grill accessories, snacks for the next movie night or household items, you can order them directly.

How it works? Quite simply by mail in a bottle.

20) How to manage the weather

In my homeland they say: Either it's raining or the bells are ringing. Because it rains so often here and because we have so many churches. I have no solution to the ringing. However, I can show you how to get the weather under control:

I tried out a number of weather apps for my smartphone and was never really satisfied with them. The weather apps were often well done. Unfortunately, the forecast did not match the weather at all. So:

Ultimately, I tried the WarnWetter app from the German Weather Service and stuck with it. The weather forecast was just the best there and thanks to the weather maps I have already escaped a few rain showers.

21) Amazingly Easy: Get music all over the house quickly

Music accompanies us everywhere. The right song at the right time can save your day. Music can fill you up with energy in the morning and shake you out of sleep and create a pleasant atmosphere for you to relax in the evening. Therefore:

I use Sonos loudspeakers in my apartment.I can use my Alexa devices to play music from Spotify and other services on my Sonos speakers. My television is also connected to the Sonos speakers. I can also play music and sounds from my iPhone via AirPlay on my Sonos speakers.

22) How to easily carry your internet access around with you

Imagine if you could simply take your Internet access with you from home when you walk outside the door with your smartphone. Or simply go online with your laptop while traveling, just like at home. Surf the Internet unlimitedly, without worrying about your data volume. That works and I'll show you how:

I use a mobile phone tariff for this: With freenet FUNK, I have unlimited data volume and LTE speed. But how can you use this at home? Very easily:

You insert the freenet Funk SIM card into an LTE router. For example, I use the LTE router E5576-320 from Huawei. The LTE router is very small and light and has a built-in battery. I usually carry it in the matching travel bag. But how do you get your devices online with the LTE router? Watch out:

The LTE router establishes an internet connection via the inserted SIM card. With the LTE router, you can then open a WLAN as normal and connect all your devices at home or on the move to the WLAN and bring them to the Internet. Your internet connection then runs via your freenet Funk mobile phone tariff. Pretty practical!

23) Get rid of your broken bike once and for all

Do you like to ride a bike? Me, yes. One thing that regularly got on my nerves, however: repairs to the bike. Sometimes the light in the front didn't work, then I had a hole in the tire somewhere and then the light in the back didn't work again. There was always some problem with the bike. And then this happened:

Bikes with blue tires were popping up all over my town. With Swapfiets there was suddenly the possibility of renting a bike at a very affordable monthly rate - repairs and maintenance included. Since then I have been able to concentrate fully on cycling and leave the repairs to the professionals. That is fun! But even better:

I have an invitation code for you: BASTIAN16872. Check out whether Swapfiets is also active in your city and use my code to secure a discount on your first month.

24) Just start an online video conference in 2 minutes

In times of Corona, I used to organize game evenings with friends via video telephony. Because we have very different equipment and technical knowledge, we needed a solution that works easily and everywhere.

With Jitsi Meet we have found a free solution with which you can start an online video conference in under 2 minutes. You can simply assign a name for your online video conference directly in the web browser on the website and off you go. If you want, of course, without video and only with sound. Just share the link to enter your room with your friends.

Have fun with it!

25) Creative Explosion: The ultimate booster for your ideas

Whether for furnishing, outfits, food or the garden: On Pinterest you will find an infinite number of ideas and inspirations for this and much more. Pinterest is definitely the ultimate booster for my ideas and inspiration. After that, I feel an unbelievable thirst for action every time! The best thing to do is to set a timer beforehand so as not to sink deep into the world of ideas on Pinterest and only reappear after hours.

26) Why I keep a photo journal

I like to take photos and a lot. It works effortlessly and quickly: the smartphone is usually with you anyway. The really great thing about my photo diary is:

Every day I automatically get reviews of the past weeks, months and years. On my birthday I get photos of my last birthdays and during the Christmas season I get the past Christmas of the last few years. I am reminded of great wedding celebrations and past trips and vacations. Isn't that much better than a diary that is written a lot and read very seldom, isn't it? It works like this:

My photos are saved in Google Photos. The app for this runs on my smartphone and saves my photos. And of course I get reminders of my photo reviews via the app on a regular basis. Give it a try!

27) Piet's 3 most important tips for the digital lifestyle

With Netzpanorama, Piet runs a varied blog with network finds, interesting news but also reviews and entertainment. Here are his 3 most important things for the digital lifestyle exclusively:

  • Everything in one place: Piet uses Evernote to manage and juggle notes, ideas and drafts. Meanwhile, the Evernote client has even become his favorite writing program.
  • The window to the world: inspiration, news and contact with friends. In addition, sharing your own content with readers and a little distraction through cute animals and funny videos - Piet finds all of this on Twitter. In the home office in particular, service is something like a window onto the world.
  • Fuel for the day: With music and podcasts, Spotify provides the fuel for Piet's day and helps him concentrate. He also uses Adobe Photoshop every day to edit graphics and Discord for impromptu meetings or messages.

28) How you just never run out of juice

You are probably familiar with the uncomfortable feeling: The battery level of your smartphone has fallen below 20% and there is no power socket anywhere. But no problem:

With a power bank you can easily recharge your smartphone or tablet on the go - or connect it directly when you are traveling so that your battery does not run out in the first place. There is only one problem:

Which power bank should you buy? The selection of power banks is huge. But actually it is very simple: The capacity of a power bank battery is given in "mAh". Smartphone batteries have a roughly 4000 mAh capacity. So if you buy a power bank with 8000 mAh, you can fully charge the smartphone exactly two times. And now it is your turn:

Just think about how often you want to fully charge your smartphone on the go. The following basically applies: the larger the capacity of your power bank, the larger and heavier the power bank. To make it easy for you, another tip from me:

I have 2 power banks: A very small power bank for everyday use, which is absolutely sufficient for me in 90% of the cases. And a large power bank that I pack for longer journeys, e.g. on the train. It's just a good feeling:

To have in the back of your mind that you will never run out of juice.

29) How shockingly easy to become a design genius

Pictures and videos are everywhere in the digital lifestyle. Images attract attention and can trigger emotions. When you have the best pictures, you have the attention too. This means:

If you have the best pictures on social media, you often have the most followers, likes, shares and comments. But how do you do it? There you will find the solution: The best tools for the perfect online presence

30) Great: How to absolutely always keep calm

THE WORLD IS FULL OF NOISE !! People are screaming, cars are racing, children are crying. The neighbor is vacuuming and someone is hammering somewhere. What an incredible theater! And then suddenly: silence.

I love the feeling Every time I dive into a world that is much quieter. Imagine it like in the water: At first you swim and then you put your head under water and dive. You are probably wondering what I'm talking about:

It's about my headphones with active noise cancellation. If I want to get some peace and privacy in noisy and stressful everyday life, I just put on my headphones - sometimes even without music, because I love the feeling so much.

I've been using the Sony WH-1000XM3 for over a year and I'm really very satisfied with the headphones. I can only tell you:

If you've never had active noise canceling headphones, then you definitely have to give this a try!

31) On a secret mission: the digital globetrotter

I like to try new things and I like to make my everyday life interesting. Even in your own city, where you've lived for years, there are so many new discoveries to be made every day - if you look closely. And for that I use the perfect gamification tool:

I am active as a Google Local Guide. That means I share reviews, photos, and information about places in my area. Whenever a new business opens somewhere, I spontaneously snap a photo and create an entry for it in Google Maps. Whenever I'm out to eat, I take a picture of it and share it with other people on Google Maps. The nice feeling:

You create real added value and it's actually fun. My photos alone have many millions of views. Sometimes I post a new photo in Google Maps or add a location and the next day I realize that many thousands of views have already taken place. Also:

The hobby fits perfectly with my digital photo diary, which you can also find in this list.

32) The convincing alternative to WhatsApp

One of the most practical apps is without question WhatsApp. However, I have also been using Telegram for a few months. It's true: I have far fewer contacts in Telegram than in WhatsApp. Why I still use Telegram:

  • Sending files up to 2 GB: With Telegram I can also send very large files. Photos and videos can also be sent as files so that the quality is not lost. Often times I just send a file to myself to be able to access it later on another device. For example, I can easily transfer files from my PC to my smartphone.
  • Built-in media player: Playing music, sound or videos simply works better with the built-in media player than with WhatsApp. Many details in particular have been made better. Listening to voice messages in WhatsApp is interrupted, for example, when you exit the app. In Telegram, they just keep running.
  • Klicki-Bunti: With animated photos, GIFs and a powerful photo editor and lots of stickers, Telegram is simply more varied than WhatsApp.
  • More ways to send messages: With Telegram you can send self-destructive messages. You can also schedule messages to be sent in the future. Sometimes I use this as a simple reminder: I just schedule a message to be sent to myself at a specific time.
  • Open API and bots: In contrast to WhatsApp, Telegram offers an open API and bots. That means software developers can expand Telegram's capabilities. Accordingly, there are many practical bots. For example, did you know that you can also be notified of new posts on my blog via Telegram? Simply join the Telegram channel.
  • There is a lot more: you can conduct surveys or get in touch with Telegram users in your area. Messages can be sent silently or only when the chat partner comes online. Messages can still be edited or deleted after they have been sent.

Would I switch from WhatsApp to Telegram? Definitely! However, most of the contacts are on WhatsApp. That's why I just use both apps. Give it a try and join the Telegram channel directly so that you don't miss any more posts.

33) Warning: Something is wrong with the internet

Do you know that feeling? All the apps on your smartphone feel kind of sluggish. Nothing works as usual and takes forever. This could simply be because your internet connection is slow right now. But how do you find out?

You're doing a speed test! You can find out how fast your internet connection is within seconds. But watch out: a speed test can quickly consume a lot of mobile data volume. If you often have problems with too little data volume anyway, then take a look at freenet FUNK.

34) Digital Fitness Training: How to Train Smart

Do you go to the fitness center? Then I have the perfect tool to advance your digital fitness training:

I use the Strong app on my smartphone to record my training progress. True to the motto: "What gets measured gets done." This allows you to easily record and compare the training sets and repetitions of your workouts. Incidentally, it also works on the Apple Watch. Have fun with it for your next training session!

35) How to tame the paperwork: Green electricity via app

Like me, you can do something good for the environment with green electricity from hydropower and at the same time reduce your paperwork. A typical win-win situation. OK, pay attention:

I get my electricity from Enpure. Everything runs via the app or via the website. Very simple and practical: You get the bills in PDF format and you can also enter the meter readings of your electricity meter directly online. This saves you time and nerves - perfect for the digital lifestyle.

36) Finn's 3 most important tips for the digital lifestyle

Finn runs Blogmojo, an expert blog on which he shows how you can create a website, attract readers through content marketing and make money with your blog. Now you will exclusively find out his 3 most important things for the digital lifestyle:

  • Outsource the brain: Finn uses the Evernote service for all of his to-do lists, post drafts, notes and his entire "swipe file" (a kind of text folder).
  • Spreadsheets Junkie: Next to WordPress for the blog, Google Sheets is probably the most used software Finn uses. The keyword research, the editorial plan, the financial planning, employee organization and dozens of other things run through this service for him.
  • Staying healthy: Finn relies on a vertical mouse to avoid wrist pain when working on the screen. He also uses a Stretchsit Cushion (Gokhale Method) to work for several hours while sitting without any back pain.

37) Caution: How you can easily save money as a smart customer

Did you know that identical products or services are often sold at very different prices? So that you don't throw your money out the window, I have a tip for you:

Be clever, use your digital lifestyle and check the online comparison portals before making a purchase. At CHECK24 you can easily compare prices and save a lot of money on your next vacation, purchase or contract. With a little luck you will even find a voucher and save even more.

38) How to just stay mobile all the time

Just missed the bus and the next one doesn't leave for 20 minutes? Glowing heat in summer and no air conditioning in the tram? The connection is bad and you have to change trains several times? Then watch out:

E-scooters are now available for rent in many cities. With an app on your smartphone, you can easily find the next e-scooter, activate it and drive off. When you have reached your destination, you simply turn it off again and end your journey with the app. Where are the e-scooters particularly practical? I'll tell you:

I like to use the e-scooter on city trips. With an e-scooter you can discover a city much faster than on foot. And compared to public transport, you can drive exactly where you like and take as many breaks as you want.

The largest providers of e-scooters in Germany are TIER, Lime and Voi. Give it a try!

39) Seriously: Get your 1,000 euros with one hour of work

Have you ever made over 1,000 euros in an hour? Don't worry: I don't want to make you one of those lazy marketing promises here. Seriously:

I have been making my tax return with smart tax for a number of years. The average time it takes to prepare a tax return at Smartsteuer is one hour - on average, customers there get 1069 euros back. So if you've paid taxes, be sure to file your tax return. You can rarely earn money that easily and quickly.

40) Ultimate power boost: from 0 to 100 at lightning speed

I have a surprising habit: I always leave my smartphone chargers unused in their original packaging. Why am I doing this? Now:

I use an Anker PowerPort to charge all of my devices with a USB connection. This is a quick charger with a USB connection. I can use it to charge up to 5 devices at the same time and very quickly. So I don't need the original chargers for my smartphones at all. Also:

The sales value of my devices is higher if I later sell them again with unused original accessories. The Anker PowerPort is practically self-financing.

41) Why I don't need a smart TV - and neither do you

Admittedly: I have a Samsung Smart TV. However, I do not use any of the Smart TV functions. I don't even use my TV connection. Why is that?

The problem with a smart TV is often the following: There are few apps that are often poorly supplied with updates. In addition, the apps available on the smart TV are usually annoyingly slow. The wise decision is therefore:

You should use a Fire TV Stick instead. You simply connect the Fire TV Stick to your WiFi and via HDMI to your TV and then you're ready to go.

The Fire TV Stick is controlled with the remote control, via the app on your smartphone or via voice control.You can also integrate the stick directly into your smart home with an Alexa device.

And if you're hosting a movie night with friends, you can just pack your Fire TV Stick and take it with you.

42) Just a good deal

I order a lot of online purchases from Amazon because I really appreciate the customer service and the goodwill: If something breaks, I can always send it back without any problems and get my money back. So that the orders always get to me quickly, I use premium shipping through Amazon Prime. You know what

Amazon Prime offers more than just premium shipping. With Prime Video you can watch unlimited films and series. Prime Music offers access to music and you also get premium access and can access Amazon Blitz deals 30 minutes earlier. And even better:

If you are a student or trainee, you also get a big discount with Amazon Prime Student. I think that's just a good offer.

43) The 5 Reasons I Buy Clothes Online - And You Better Also

  • You're faster: You can sort and filter clothes and outfits much better and faster on the Internet than in a store. If you are looking for white sneakers, you will be there with just a few clicks. Then you simply sort the shoes by popularity and you have found a pair of chic, white sneakers really quickly.
  • The choice is greater: the choice of clothes and outfits when shopping online is much greater than in a store. You can call up the online shop within a few seconds. And if you don't find anything, you're gone with one click. This is much faster than in the shop and saves you frustration shopping.
  • Your home is your changing room: If you have clothes and shoes delivered to your home, then your home is your changing room. You have time and can try everything on in peace. You also have all your favorite outfits at hand and can see how the new purchases go with them.
  • You can be inspired: Are you unsure whether a certain outfit goes together? When shopping online, you can easily find ideas for cool outfits. I like to use Pinterest for this.
  • It's simple: I buy clothes and shoes online from ABOUT YOU, Zalando and Asos. Online shopping is really easy and problem-free there. Take a look and try it out!

44) The tool to digitize your walks

Do you go hiking sometimes? It might sound old-fashioned: But I like to go hiking in nature a few times a year. It clears your mind and helps you switch off. However, I always have one tool with me:

The Maps 3D app on my smartphone. There I can easily import the route as a GPX file before my hike. If I then discover during the hike that the path is poorly signposted or that I have lost my way, a quick glance at my smartphone is enough and I have found my way again pretty quickly.

Of course, the app not only works for hiking in nature, but also in the city or for tours by bike. You can find the routes for importing as a GPX file at Komoot, for example.

45) How to Easily Get Jobs Through Contacts

As a software developer, I am regularly offered jobs at different companies without having to do anything. How it works?

I have set up an account with XING. This is a social network for professional contacts. This allows you to keep in touch with former colleagues and also get a job relatively effortlessly: Either through a former colleague or through a direct request from a head hunter.

Incidentally, an international alternative to XING is LinkedIn.

46) Günter's 3 most important things for the digital lifestyle

With Born's IT and Windows blog, Günter runs a large blog on the topics of Windows, Linux, Android, Tablet PCs & Co. I am pleased to present you exclusively his 3 most important things for the digital lifestyle:

  • The gateway to the digital world: A router with internet access is of course essential for Günter.
  • Writing tool: Günter uses a PC with Windows and Windows Live Writer to create the blog posts. In order to be able to quickly check the blogs even without a PC, Günter uses a smartphone.
  • Blogging platform: Günter relies on WordPress as a blogging platform. He relies on HostEurope for hosting.

47) How to do tasks effectively and clear your mind

I have a habit: I get everything that comes down on me every day right out of my head. I have two ways to do this:

  • Tasks: All the tasks that I want to do go straight to my Todo app. This fixes the task, I won't forget it and even get a reminder if necessary. I postpone all tasks that I haven't completed at the end of the day to the next day or create a reminder for another day. I use the 2 Days app for this. Unfortunately it has not received an update for a long time. However, it works perfectly for me.
  • Appointments: Appointments go straight to my calendar. I define one or more reminders for each appointment. I use Google Calendar for this.

If you always store tasks and appointments directly in an app, you have your head free for the really important things. And not having forgotten anything is a truly liberating feeling. Make it a habit to do the tasks in your Todo app and postpone them at the end of the day if necessary.

48) How to get your phone in the cloud

Do you even have a landline phone? Or can you only be reached via your smartphone and your mobile phone number? Anyway, now you will learn how to get your phone into the cloud. What you get out of it:

You can be reached anywhere in the world with your landline number and you can make calls like at home - provided you have an Internet connection. You will also get an additional telephone number. You can use it to fax, send SMS, receive your calls on the answering machine by e-mail and you can even use any telephone number as the sender number. A lot of it works for free, some for a small fee. And in this way:

You register for free with sipgate basic. The setup is pretty simple and self-explanatory. You can use either a normal phone, a VoIP phone, your smartphone or your computer to make calls. There are actually instructions for everything.

I use my smartphone and the Acrobits Softphone app to make phone calls. And admittedly: I very often don't use my phone in the cloud. Most of the time I use my normal cell phone number to call. But then again and again at some point there is a situation in which the additional number and the phone in the cloud are very practical.

If you really only need an additional phone number for free and it should be as simple as possible, then I have a tip for you: Take a look at sipgate satellite.

49) What Most People Don't Know About Their Web Browsers

  • With a modern web browser, you can easily use your open tabs, saved access data, bookmarks and more on all your devices. The feature is called synchronization and is supported by Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.
  • You can restore your last opened tabs from the last session when you start the web browser. All you have to do is go to the settings of your web browser. The setting for this is usually: "At startup" or something similar.

50) A picture is worth a thousand words

In some situations, a picture is known to be worth a thousand words. In addition, a picture is sent much faster than a long text. I come out at this point:

I'm a big Bitmoji fan. You can quickly click your own avatar in the app on your smartphone and then have access to many pictures and sayings with your avatar. You can use it to describe many situations and feelings perfectly. A picture is often worth a thousand words. Have fun making your own avatar!

51) A minimalist guide to time tracking

I made a promise to you: In my list you will find at least one thing for your digital lifestyle that you have not yet seen. I hereby keep this promise:

I'll show you my minimalist app for simple time recording on the iPhone: With the Wokiho app you can record your working time in 4 simple steps:

  1. You choose the date for the capture.
  2. You choose the duration that you want to capture.
  3. You choose whether it is overtime or less work: Did you work overtime or party?
  4. Finished. If necessary, you can add a short comment.

In the app you get an overview of your time account and know at a glance how full your overtime account is.

52) Amazing: How to Get Your Diet Under Control

I have noticed over the years that people perceive their own diet very differently. There are girls who claim to eat a lot - and then barely get 1000 kcal per day. On the other hand, there are many people who claim to eat little and still not lose weight. Hence my recommendation to you:

I have recommended this tool to many people and often received astonished feedback after the first few days. We are talking about the YAZIO app. With the app, you can easily track your food intake and then get a pretty good picture of what your diet actually looks like. But watch out:

Yes, even if it's annoying. You have to weigh some of your food so that you can record the correct amount in the app. However, you only have to do this for a few days. And believe me:

It's really worth it. This gives you a completely new approach to food and you learn to assess how healthy or unhealthy a food actually is. You will often be amazed at how differently healthy the products of the individual manufacturers are.

53) How to play it safe right away

We live in crazy times. When we get up in the morning we never know what the day will bring us. It is reassuring to know that with the NINA app from the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief you will at least be notified immediately on your smartphone if something happens in your area.

54) Fantastic: Bringing the flood of paper into order

You should keep important letters and documents. I will show you how you can do this easily and without much effort:

Basically, I throw all letters or documents in the trash. The only exceptions are things that I need as originals. They end up in a folder instead of in the trash. But before the letters or documents end up in the trash or folder, I digitize them. This works quickly and easily:

I am using a document scanner (ScanSnap iX1500) for this. With the document scanner, I can scan many pages automatically and without any problems. Of course, you can also use a normal flatbed scanner if necessary - or take a photo with your mobile phone. But I'll tell you: It gets annoying quickly, takes forever and leads to paper piling up quickly.

I then save the digitized letters as a PDF or image file sorted in folders on my computer. In addition, after adding new files, I create a backup directly on a USB stick or SD card.

The system has proven itself for years and works great. I don't remember actually having to go to the folders to look something up. Whenever I need access to the documents or letters, with just a few clicks on the computer I am in the right folder and have found the file I was looking for.

55) That tastes good: 15,000+ restaurants in your pocket

Are you hungry for a juicy burger, sushi, pizza or salad? I cook very healthily most of the time. Sometimes I just don't have the time, desire or hunger for something different.

How good that with Lieferando.de we have easy access to over 15,000+ delivery services. There's something for everyone. Good hunger!

Now you know the great things about your digital lifestyle. But watch out: I have 3 tips for you at the end:

  1. The digital lifestyle works best for all of us when many people live it. So how do you benefit the most from this list? It's simple: share this list with your contacts! They will certainly be grateful to you for it and everyone will benefit. Win win!
  2. A lot of effort and many days of work have gone into this list. You can be a part of it and help make the list even better. Just put your best things for the digital lifestyle as a comment below this post and let's make a truly legendary list of the greatest things for the digital lifestyle together! You can also use your blog or website.
  3. Have you devoured the list in one piece and discovered a lot of unknown things for your digital lifestyle? Great! Then now is the perfect time to take action. Don't let your weaker self gain the upper hand and let you go to waste in the daily grind. Have you discovered an exciting app? Then install it on your smartphone. Do you want to try out a technology gadget or build a smart home? Then go ahead and order it! Do you want to clear out your life with digital help? Then get started NOW! I wish you a lot of fun and success.