How to calculate the carpet area

Calculate waste and material requirements

When laying floors of all kinds, there is always waste. It is therefore necessary that you include sufficient waste in your calculation of material requirements.

What does waste mean?

Cuttings are understood as the amount of floor covering that falls off after laying due to the sawing of the laying elements and can no longer be used elsewhere. This means that waste occurs when the strips turn out unfavorably, walls are crooked or have to be cut in door or window niches.

How do I calculate the material requirements for parquet ... and all other floors?

Our rule of thumb for calculating the material requirements for parquet is:

  • Number of square meters of the area + 6% waste = material requirements
  • With a 20m² room you calculate:20m2 x 1.06 = 21.2m2

To calculate the material requirements for parquet, cork or vinyl flooring, multiply the square meters of the area by the number 1.06. The 1.06 stands for 6% waste, which you should always allow for when calculating the material requirements.

You can expect a higher material requirement of up to 10% if the room or the area to be laid:is very angled, stairs or steps are added or the parquet is to be laid diagonally or as an elaborate pattern (for example as a herringbone or cassette)


How is the waste of skirting boards calculated?

It is also important that you order enough material for skirting boards. You should think of sufficient material, especially for rooms that are not square or have floor-to-ceiling windows or other irregularities in the wall. So plan with the Skirting boards about 10% waste with a.

Please note: Since we sell our parquet in packages, the material requirements including offcuts must be rounded up to the next package unit.

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