How to cook seafood

Seafood Recipes - Cooking for Guests

Tomato shot

This recipe can be served as a fine aperitif, but also as a degestif.

Squid stew

A healthy stew with fresh squid and lots of healthy vegetables. The filling one-pot recipe that can be eaten as a main course.

Squid all genovese

The recipe for squid all genovese comes from Italy and this dish is made with garlic, white wine, fresh herbs and mushrooms.

Octopus salad

This delicacy is particularly recommended as a light meal in summer. In this recipe, the fish for the octopus salad is cooked by yourself.

Mussel Soup - Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder is a tasty American fish and mussel soup that not only tastes particularly good, but also looks extra smart.

Seafood pizza

A great recipe is a seafood pizza. This brings that holiday feeling right into your own four walls.

Salmon and shrimp mousse

This delicious starter goes well with any festive occasion and can also be ideally served as an intermediate course.

Croatian squid salad

A Croatian squid salad is only for real fish lovers. This great recipe will get you in the holiday mood.