Fish is the healthiest meat to eat

Why pescetarians live longer than vegetarians

Do not kill animals, protect the environment and do something for your own health - these are usually the main arguments that vegetarians give as reasons for their diet. However, it is not at all certain whether renouncing meat or even dispensing with all animal products actually keeps you particularly healthy.

A current study finds only weak evidence for this. Rather, the healthiest eating style seems to be pescetarianism, which allows fish to be on the menu in addition to fruit and vegetables.

Most studies on the health effects of a meatless diet have so far only been of limited informative value. While they confirmed that vegetarians live longer and suffer from some chronic illnesses less often, it has never been made clear whether this is due to their diet or their healthier lifestyle in general.

The Viennese nutritionist Ibrahim Elmadfa found that strict vegans - they do not consume meat, milk or egg products - do not develop any deficiency symptoms, although they consume much less vitamin B12, calcium and vitamin D than is generally recommended.

Vegetarians generally live healthier lives

Elmadfa's explanation: Like all vegetarians, vegans cushion potential deficiency problems by leading a lifestyle that reduces the need for health-promoting substances.

They move more, drink less alcohol, “and smokers”, continues the Austrian researcher, “are extremely rare among them anyway”. Calcium robbers such as colas and processed cheese are also atypical for their diet, and they also spend more time outdoors, so that the body's own vitamin D production is mobilized.