Why did Jay Z have an affair

Poor Beyoncé: Jay-Z confesses his affair

They are THE dream couple in the music business and have only just had twins. But the crisis rumors about superstar Beyoncé (35) and rapper Jay-Z (47) never end. So far, the two world stars have never commented publicly on their alleged marital problems, but on their two albums they give clear indications of what must have actually happened between them.

Beyoncé submitted a year ago

When Beyoncé (35) released her album "Lemonade" a year ago, she surprised everyone with a few lines of text that pointed to her husband's cheating with "Becky with the beautiful hair". Jay-Z's answer is now on his new album "4:44". Here he is actually rapping about an affair!

Jay-Z confirms the rumors about him and is remorseful. One song says: "I'm sorry that I chased women. It took the birth of my child to be able to see through a woman's eyes. It took these twins to believe in miracles. I have to Took a long time for this song, I don't deserve you ". We think it couldn't be more clear.

Jay-Z reveals a lot on his new album

On his album, which was released just days after the twins were born, Jay-Z goes even further: "If my children knew, I don't know what I would do. If they stopped looking at me like they used to, I would probably dying of shame. What's the use of a threesome when you've got a soul mate? Are you risking that for Blue?

Jay-Z even picks up on the hotly debated incident at the 2014 Met Gala, where his sister-in-law Solange attacked him in the elevator: "You pissed Solange on, even though you knew all along that you just had to say, 'You have made a mistake'."

Why did Jay-Z cheat?

We no longer understand the world and wonder why Queen B.'s husband cheated, even though one of the hottest women in the world is by his side? We women tend to blame ourselves, but the reasons for an affair are often completely different.

Maybe the man doesn't feel wanted enough, is sexually frustrated, or did the opportunity just arise? After all, Jay-Z is a sought-after man and has an incredible number of fans. You can take off there, right? We took a closer look at the infidelity issue and found six real reasons why men cheat. Here you can read everything about the topic.

We just hope that things have smoothed out in the Carter-Knowles house and that the couple will find their way back to their old strengths, especially with the birth of the twins.

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