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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds: Problems and Many Solutions for PUBG


Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) was one of the first Battle Royale shooters, and yet it still suffers from some bugs, errors and problems today. For such cases we have all kinds of suitable solutions ready for you.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG for short) was one of the first shooters responsible for the popularity of battle royale games today. But even though PUBG was released in 2017, players still encounter numerous problems today.

Some of these could be related to connection problems. You can see whether this is the cause for you in our malfunction report for PUBG. On Xbox One, the online service Xbox Live can also be down. For all problems that are not related to servers, we will show you all kinds of solutions in the following guide.

Game crashes or is unplayable

Most of the time the game can be started, but PUBG is simply unplayable because it jerks enormously and lags run through the game.

Often the solution to the problem is obvious because your computer simply does not meet the minimum requirements of PUBG. So you should have a PC with the 64-bit version of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. As a processor, the Intel Core i3-4340 or the AMD FX-6300 is sufficient. Your main memory must have at least 6 GB of RAM. The graphics cards Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB and the AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB would be sufficient.

It is also advisable to reduce the detail density of PUBG later in the game in order to avoid jerking or lags if these still appear despite the minimum requirements being met. PUBG's servers can also be responsible for game crashes.

BattleEye launcher errors and problems starting the client

You're having trouble starting the BattleEye Launcher.

This is often due to damaged or missing files. You can usually remedy this by completely deleting PUBG from your hard drive and then reinstalling it from scratch.

Client is closed due to unauthorized devices.

You will be kicked out of the game and an error message informs you that the client has been closed due to the detection of an unauthorized device.

Usually this error only occurs if you have connected devices that give you unfair advantages in the game. Then you can fix the problem by simply removing the device from your PC. Unfortunately, the error sometimes occurs without justification. This can be due to keyboards and mice that are defined as cheat devices by the game for whatever reason. In such a case, try to connect a different keyboard / mouse.

Game does not start

You want to start Playerunknown's Battlegrounds on Steam, but nothing happens or it is displayed that the game is being prepared, but the game simply stops in this preparation mode.

Most of the time, the solution to the problem is very simple and requires little effort. So it is advisable to simply restart the computer or to run Steam and the game as administrator. It also helps to check your graphics card for the latest version and then update it if necessary.

Can Playerunknown's Battlegrounds be started via Steam, but the "Runtime Error" window opens immediately after starting the game? Don't worry, in most cases you just have to download the latest update from Universal C Runtime.

Voice chat does not work

You want to use the voice chat in PUBG. But this does not work.

You may have to make a few adjustments first. Look for the option "Voice chat" under "Sound" in the PUBG settings. Here you can define a button for starting the voice chat, vary channel settings and regulate the voice volume. If you still cannot use voice chat, check whether your headset is working properly. For example, it can be connected to other devices.

Error message "d3dx9_39.dll"

You cannot start the game and the error message "d3dx9_39.dll" appears.

According to the developers, you don't have the appropriate file for PUBG to work. You can download the file d3dx9_39.dll via various links, but these downloads are often a potential source of viruses. Our tip: Just install the current DirectX version. This also contains the required file and so you should be able to solve the problem without a separate download. We will lead you to the official DirectX download.

PUBG cannot be installed

Often it can also happen that the game is not installed properly or the installation simply breaks off.

If the error message ".NET Framework 3.5" appears during the installation, the user "chufty" of the official PUBG forum has found a solution. First of all, you open the Windows start menu and enter the term "execute" in the search bar. Now you run the command "appwiz.cpl"; the "Programs and Features" window appears. Now click on the "Activate or deactivate Windows features" tab. Checks in the next step whether ".NET Framework 3.5", contains .NET 2.0 and 3.0. If this is the case, simply confirm it with "OK". In the last step you restart the PC after the installation is complete.

Error message "[25] BattleEye: Corrupted Data"

You cannot start the game and the above error message appears.

According to the developers, this problem emerges due to unauthorized programs or changes to the game's APK files. First check your Steam library, select PUBG with the right mouse button and select "Properties", then "Local files". Now you can "check for errors" PUBG. If the problem persists, you have to completely uninstall the game and then drag it to your computer again.

Feel free to add further solutions to this help in the comments or write down which problems you have encountered. So we can gradually expand this article.

In a separate article, we will also explain how to fix crashes and startup problems in PUBG yourself.

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