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Agency portrait: Factory North

AGE likes ...: the branding studio Factory North from Portland, Oregon, which attaches great importance to craftsmanship and thus creates beautiful and sustainable identities.

Surname Factory North

Location Portland, Oregon USA

Focus Branding, packaging, digital brand experiences

begin April 2011

structure We have two founding partners, Tyler is our Creative Director and Nicole is the Operations Director. We also have two to three in-house designers with a focus on illustration, web design or brand development, and we work with a brand strategist / copywriter programmer.

inspiration As we are lucky enough to live in a city where the standard of creativity is very high, we are constantly inspired by the creative community in Portland. When looking for inspiration to develop our own projects, we look back in time, whether it's old artwork, neon signs, Victorian etchings or early 20th century beer packaging. We want everything we do to have a long service life and to be flawlessly handcrafted, which is why we love working with sign painters, woodworkers, wall painters and others who are deeply connected to their craftsmanship.

Search for ideas Much of our research takes place between Internet browsing and historical reference works from our library, but we also spend some time in companies and environments that inspire us. Fortunately, there are so many great places in Portland that we don't have to look far. But when our schedules allow us, we love to travel to other exciting cities and see how you can create unique experiences and things in other regions.

Way of working With every new customer we build a lasting relationship and immerse ourselves in the development and presentation of your company. We partner with local designers and artisans to see the quality of work in Portland continue to grow and to support other small businesses.

Heroes Tyler is particularly enthusiastic about Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co. and Christian Helms from Helms Workshop. Both of these designers have a very pure aesthetic and refer to classic modern design. Stefan Sagmeister is another inspiration for us because he keeps pushing design culture and defining new types of communication. Nicole likes OMFGCO because they have such a talent for turning brands into all-encompassing experiences and a studio structure similar to ours. We are also enthusiastic about another agency here, from instruments that, despite their rapid growth, remain true to their culture and way of working.

Who we would like to work for one day Since we're all pretty big fans of our domestic major league football team, we'd think it would be great to design the appearance of a professional sports team. We also enjoy working with restaurants, beer and spirits clients who have a story to tell and who can appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship in design.

Customers Nike, Bluer Denim, Woodsman Restaurant Group, Coava Coffee Roasters, Widmer Brothers Brewing, Portland General Electric, Chop Butchery, Skate Season Distributors, to name a few ...

Packaging design for Coava Coffee Roasters
Packaging design for Coava Coffee Roasters
Letterpress Coaster Design with Illustrations for the Trigger Bar
Hand-painted sign for the trigger bar
Illuminated sign design for the trigger bar
Menu card with illustrations for the Trigger Bar
Hand-painted logo for The Big Egg menu card
Menu board for The Big Egg
Packaging design for Roman Candle Baking Company
Logo design for Roman Candle Baking Company
Hand painted sign for Chop Butchery & Charcuterie
Packaging design and logo for Chop Butchery & Charcuterie
Packaging design for Queen of Hearts Baking
Logo design for the tattoo machine manufacturer Redmond Irons
Label design for Fossil & Fawn Wine
Helmet design for the 21 Helmets Art Show
Helmet design for the 21 Helmets Art Show
Poster design for the Artcrank Art Show
Poster design for the Art Takeover Art Show
Letterpress business card design for Factory North

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