What is the best light breakfast

Our 10 best recipes for a nice breakfast

With our 10 delicious breakfast recipes - whether sweet or savory - you start the day wonderfully and well strengthened! Let yourself be inspired by our selection of recipes.

1. Tomato omelette

If you start the day with this juicy and spicy tomato omelette, it can only be good!

to the recipe: tomato omelette

2. Open honey bread

Who would have thought that cream cheese, mustard and cooked ham tasted so irresistibly good on homemade honey bread?

to the recipe: Honey bread

3. Plum jam from the oven

It's worth investing time: our world's best plum jam bakes in the oven for a long time, but it is super easy!

about the recipe: plum puree from the oven

4. Exotic granola

With our exotic-looking fitness muesli made from oat flakes, mango and bananas, we recharge our batteries!

to the recipe: Exotic muesli

5. Chocolate nougat butter

Who can resist chocolate nougat butter? We are not! And enjoy them on warm scones, for example!

to the recipe: chocolate nougat butter

6. Carrot and apple juice

When carrots, apples and elderflower syrup jump into the blender, we get a liquid vitamin bomb! Just awesome!

to the recipe: carrot and apple juice

7. Pancakes with coffee syrup

A dream for our pancake fans! So cute - we just can't get enough of it!

to the recipe: pancakes with coffee syrup

8. Scrambled Avocado Eggs

Our super slices of the day: Avocado, tomatoes and scrambled eggs with chives romp about on rye bread! Simply delicious.

To the recipe: Avocado scrambled eggs

9. English breakfast by the glass

We like it like the English: we spoon small white beans with mushrooms and bacon out of the glass!

to the recipe: English breakfast in a glass

10. Trout cream

Five ingredients for a quick trout cream hallelujah! Lemon, dill and horseradish underline the fish aroma!

to the recipe: trout cream

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