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Survey among families: parents are at the end of their power

Interesting what views are represented here. If you have no children, you should just hold back here. And if you have children who manage to accompany them on a daily basis because there is no work to be done or the employer is accommodating, congratulations. I myself am a teacher at the grammar school, have only small classes (5 and 6) in math and physics and the very big students in math, i.e. 11 and 12. The 12 students should soon do their Abitur. Everyone, the students and their parents, rely on me and want me to organize the lessons in such a way that the students are motivated and can solve the tasks on their own. In addition, my school management requests that online lessons be carried out according to the normal timetable, preferably in the form of video conferences. Unfortunately, it is not enough to take part in silence and without a picture, you are the leader of this event. The preparation of the online lesson takes three times as long as normal lessons, if you want to make it appealing and challenging, then with private, not necessarily well-suited technology. I am not systemically important. My children were at home. Just teaching my daughter (1st grade) under the guidance of her teacher takes several hours with breaks. Besides, my three-year-old son wants to play with me and be close to me. At the same time, I am bombarded with e-mails from students, school management, Kita management, my daughter's class teacher, new regulations and and and. Work doesn't really work during the day, maybe some administrative stuff when the children play alone. At night I would have peace and quiet to work. But then I can usually no longer. Whenever the children were with Grandma for a day or a few more, I worked from early in the morning until late in the evening, not even being able to eat. In the meantime, the 11th and 12th class come back to school in an alternating model. That makes me systemically relevant and the kids go to emergency care.

Like all other parents, I have the option of taking childhood sick days so that I don't have to work. But who will then take care of my students? Who is writing to them to see how they are doing, whether they are coping and can motivate themselves. Who will teach them math and physics? The colleagues who have enough to do with their students themselves?

I think there are many parents who have a similar responsibility and cannot just leave their work behind. Perhaps there is also the fear of falling behind in the competition because you have to look after your children. But I don't think it's right to condemn parents across the board who are overwhelmed at home and who demand care from daycare and school. I could well imagine spending the whole day alone with my kids. But the responsibility to my students and the guilty conscience that would arise is too great. You always say that you can't please everyone, but that is exactly what is required of parents now.

And I can say again that anyone who has no children cannot have a say because they lack the power of imagination.
And simply to say: It's your own fault, you wanted to insinuate children and thus the parents that they would only get the children to hand them over directly, I find not only cheeky and strange, but simply unworldly.

I wish all parents a lot of strength! You really do a lot during this time!