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Flying has a greater impact on the climate than any other form of travel. When kerosene is burned, pollutants are produced, including carbon dioxide (CO2). This contributes significantly to global warming.

Flight Zurich-Lagos: CO2-Emissions in kg

Emissions per passenger on a return flight

Operation of a refrigerator for one year, average electricity mix

Annual emissions of an Indian

One year of driving (mid-range car, 12,000 km)

Climate-friendly annual budget of a person

A train or bus trip is therefore the best option for distances of less than 800-1000 km: Compared to a flight, you consume 40-70 percent less energy on the train. You burden the climate by up to 85 percent less and experience the changing landscapes more intensely. The train is two to three times as efficient as the plane, especially for short journeys. There are helpful tools on the Internet that you can use to calculate the emissions of your trip.

Do you want to or cannot do without your flight? Then you should definitely offset the CO2 emissions of your flight with a surcharge on your flight ticket. With this levy you are specifically supporting a climate protection project with which the greenhouse gases of your flight can be saved again. Read more about this at myclimate or at atmosfair.

Take time for small excursions into strange worlds, even in everyday life. It doesn't take much for that: a good book, a rousing film, a few musical sounds or a suitable event. Time out is a short-term alternative program to what demands us over a longer period of time. Those who indulge themselves regularly in time out do not have to compensate for what they missed out on in everyday life.

Time out in everyday life

Extract from Amnesty International's annual report

Boko Haram armed group continued attacks in 2019, killing hundreds because security forces failed to take the necessary measures to protect civilians. The Nigerian armed forces, police and domestic intelligence services continued to torture and otherwise ill-treat detainees. In some parts of Nigeria, it was not possible in 2019 to break the spiral of partly ethnically motivated violence. The rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association were endangered as the scope for social engagement was increasingly restricted. The government disregarded several court decisions. (Status: 2019)

Read Amnesty International's full annual report on Nigeria here.

Reporters Without Borders' freedom of press ranking shows how freely media professionals can work (security, censorship, surveillance, media laws).

The World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report analyzes the gender equality gap in the economy, education, health and politics.

The Spartacus Gay Travel Index takes into account the legal situation and living conditions of the local LGBTIQ * community as well as the demands of queer tourists.

Country name

Numbers are sometimes worth a thousand words. Compare the travel destination with Switzerland and be amazed at the differences and equality.

Population per square kilometer 231.7 203.6
Average life expectancy men / women 58.6 / 62.3 80.5 / 85.3
Illiteracy rate in% 46.59 5.41
Doctors per 1000 inhabitants Not specified 4.248
GDP in dollars per capita 5'086 59'375
Internet users in% 42 93.15
Proportion of women in parliament in% 3.6 41.5
Share of the population with access to clean drinking water in% 53 100
Ecological footprint per person in ha 1.02 4.47
Ranking of Happiness Rank 115 Rank 3
Description and references
Average life expectancy men / women

Life expectancy at birth

Source: CIA World Factbook