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US actress sues : Ashley Judd seeks compensation from Harvey Weinstein

US actress Ashley Judd has sued ex-Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein over a smear campaign. In the lawsuit that she filed with a court in Santa Monica, California on Monday, the 50-year-old Weinstein accuses, among other things, of having blocked her chance for a role in "The Lord of the Rings". Weinstein made "false statements" to director Peter Jackson about bad experiences with Judd and described them as a "nightmare".

With these "unfounded slanders" Weinstein succeeded in putting Judd on a "black list" and blocking her career option to play in a "multi-million dollar" production that was awarded 17 Oscars. Jackson had already announced in December that Weinstein had warned him against working with Judd and her colleague Mira Sorvino.

Weinstein used his power, Judd said

According to Judds, Weinstein wanted to take revenge with the filth campaign for defending herself against sexual advances a year earlier. Weinstein "used his power in the entertainment industry" to damage Judd's reputation and thwart her career.

Judd was one of the first women to accuse Weinstein of sexually molesting her in October. Judd accused the film mogul of having asked her for a work breakfast in his hotel room 20 years ago, where he then received her in a bathrobe. Weinstein then asked her if she could give him a massage or if she could watch him shower.

More than 100 women are alleging him

Meanwhile, more than a hundred women, including numerous film stars, accuse Weinstein of having sexually molested or even raped them. The scandal was followed by numerous revelations of alleged sexual assaults by other prominent male representatives of the film industry in recent months. In response to the scandal, Judd and hundreds of other women in the US film industry started the "Time's Up" movement.

With her lawsuit against Weinstein, Judd wants to obtain financial compensation. She says she wants to pass the money on to the "Time's Up" relief fund, "so that women and men from all professions can receive legal assistance in the event of sexual harassment, economic reprisals and damage to their careers."

The Weinstein Revelations laid the foundation for the #MeToo global debate about sexual assault. (AFP, dpa)

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