How did Bloody Mary die

The curse of the Bloody Mary

Mary Petroz, a normal girl who died and now wants revenge on humanity. Bloody Mary's story with a difference.

The curse of the Bloody Mary Edit source]

Mary, actually a normal girl, actually. If it weren't for their special abilities. If she is angry, she can turn her fucked my life into a reality. One girl, Braianna Jones, had ruined her life. Mary wished her death. Let her suffer and die from her vanity, arrogance and beauty. So she died when a mirror fell on her and pierced her with all the broken pieces. However, she was still alive. Mary came to her. "Mary," she said. "Please help me!" "Why should I help a girl I killed?" "But, how ..." "I can translate my thoughts into reality when I'm angry. How is it when you die of beauty?" She pulled out a shard that was deep in her stomach, stabbed it in the neck, and slit it open. It stabbed until it was covered in blood itself. When she heard the others, she went away and hid in the school shower. Since she killed Braianna in the locker room, she could see the others suffering. She got a dark smile on her face. It made her angry that her friend Jason only talked to the others about Braianna. "Jason, why are you all still talking about Braianna. Christ she's been dead a week now." "Everyone liked her. Except you. She was just cool and ... perfect." "You bastard." "What ?! Why?" "You wanker cheated on me with her!" "Mary, I can explain that!" "PUT YOUR DECLARATION IN YOUR BACK !!!" With her strength she tossed him into the gym a few yards behind them. "* cough cough * Mary, how ...?" Mary grabbed his neck and picked him up. "I haven't told you anything about my powers yet. When I'm angry, I can translate my thoughts into reality. Cool, isn't it?" She threw him against the window, which broke and he too had a shard in his lower abdomen. Mary picked him up again. "Now I'll kill you. Like I killed Braianna. Bye Bye Jason you wretched bastard." She tore his head off. Missy Jones, Braianna's sister, however, had seen this and heard it all. Mary walked over to her in a flash and grabbed her. "One word about this and you end up like your sister. But, your sense of justice will make you gossip anyway."

She hung Missy up and told her to scream out loud when she left. Mary went and set the gym on fire. When Missy screamed loudly, she made a mistake. Because a saw came up to her from the other side and cut her in pieces. While leaving school for a smoke, Mary started smiling because the gym had exploded.

At home her parents, especially her mother, began to notice what was wrong with Mary. She smiled a lot, which was not typical of her, and she was in her room very often. When she didn't even want to come to Jason's funeral, her mother asked why not. "That bastard deserves to die. He cheated on me with Braianna, the girl I hated the most in the world." "But that doesn't mean that he deserves death. And Braianna's poor parents. Both children - death." Mary got a slight grin at what her mother saw. She knew what her daughter had done. She had to kill her, or at least she thought so. Because her daughter was a monster.

After Jason's funeral, Mary's mother went into her room and broke a mirror. She went to Mary with a shard. "What are you doing with the shard, mum?" "Mommy loves you honey." Said her mother and put out her right eye. Mary screamed and asked her: "Why are you doing this?!?!?!? !!?! I'm killing you for this, Mum!" "You are not my daughter, my daughter is dead you monster!" When her father came up he was shocked. "Help me daddy!" Mary screamed, but stumbled and fell through a mirror that was placed on an open window. The last thing Mary saw was her reflection. Her dead body was strewn with broken glass. Her mother couldn't get Mary's last words to her out of her mind. "I'll kill you for that!" As they were about to drive to her funeral, your mother heard a familiar voice from the bathroom. "Mummy!" She went into the bathroom, which was suddenly black, dark, and candles were burning in front of the mirror. Suddenly Mary appeared in the mirror, but with white skin, there was blood in her black and brown hair, and her eyes were black and bleeding. Her mother asked her what she wanted. "I want a lot of mum. A loyal friend, a better life, live AGAIN, oh, and, your and daddy's deaths." She hit the mirror once in such a way that a shard killed Mary's mother by being stabbed in the stomach. When her father came up he saw it, but Mary cut his tendons with a well-aimed throw so that he went down the stairs a lot. With her strength she set up some mirrors in the living room, since she can only move around in mirrors. She dropped candlesticks all over the house and the house burned quickly. Mary sat in the mirror of an armchair and watched the house and her parents burn while she smiled. Humanity made them suffer, now is the time for vengeance and that is The Curse of Bloody Mary.