What qualities should a good husband have?

Your dream man should have these 5 qualities!

The search for the perfect man is just as easy as buying exactly what you really need when shopping ...

It's just impossible ... Because being perfect is impossible!

This applies to you and your dream man. However, these 5 characteristics are a good indicator that he is the right catch and that he is pretty close to your dream man.

Have fun!

1. He knows what he wants

Men who know what they want from life are not only damn sexy, they also give the highway of life a few safe guard rails.

No, it doesn't have to be exactly your path that he has chosen for himself and it also doesn't mean that you should always agree.

Men who first experience something and want to try everything out and do not yet know exactly what to do with themselves, may be the cool bad boy next door during their school days ...

But when it comes to family planning at the latest, it's not the right thing for you.

A man who can structure and plan his life is able to do the same for a family.

This is the only way someone can be there for you and take a little load off your shoulders. After all, the man should support you and not be an additional anchor that pulls you into the abyss ...

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2. Absolute honesty

Absolute honesty means guaranteed trust. You are a team and a team sticks together, no matter what you're struggling with.

If you or your partner have the feeling that you cannot tell the other everything and prefer white lies to honesty about certain things, then this team will eventually disintegrate.

Especially with regard to your past, it is always extremely unpleasant to hear old stories about friends and acquaintances.

If he's really serious about you, he'll want to finish with his past.

Conversations are the essence of every relationship and lead to the fact that you can get to know each other even more intensively and exchange ideas about important aspects in your life.

Allow him to open up to you and also put this forward.

If your guy is making you feel like he doesn't even want to talk to you or is always giving evasive answers, then this is a good sign that there are and will be more secrets in your relationship.

3. Unconditional Loyalty

You stand behind your man and your man stands behind you!

Hand on heart, we women can get a bit unrealistic and bitchy from time to time. If we don't like someone, that's how it is ... Do we always need a reason for that?

Your husband has to stand behind you, whether he understands it or not doesn't matter. It's not about whether you're right or wrong.

For her there can only be one person, one sun, around which his universe revolves ... and that's you!

Defending other women in front of you or always taking the perspective of a third party is an absolute no-go. It will never work with this guy!

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4. Protector and strong shoulder

Men should just be men, even if the trend is tending towards blurring the gender lines, as a woman you just need a strong shoulder every now and then.

No, you are not the weaker sex and that does not mean that you are and should be dependent on anyone.

Your dream man will never treat you like that either. He doesn't interpret it as a weakness if you rest your head on his lap after a hard day at work and he just takes care of you a little.

He respects you no matter the situation.

Your guy, however, is your protective shield against all anger and resentment that is pounding on you from outside.

He is your protector and strong shoulder when you feel bad and you want to redistribute a little burden from your shoulders.

5. He's the reason you smile

Of course, your dream man needs a sense of humor. How else should that work? Life is just boring without humor.

But not only humor is an important quality of your dream man. He should generally be the reason when life puts a smile on your face.

He'll surprise you with a great gift or take you on an adventure.

Sitting on the couch in pajamas and passing the time watching series is a must, but not the rule.

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The little surprises in everyday life make a relationship perfect. Your dream man knows something like that and you will feel like you are on cloud nine from the beginning of your relationship.

Life is not perfect and your expectations of the dream man can sometimes simply be impossible to meet.

I hope these 5 qualities will help you find your dream man.

There is no recipe to bake it or conjure it up, but if there was one, these 5 attributes would be essential!

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