Make engineers good husbands

Ten reasons to love an engineer

What speaks against getting an engineer? Nothing - quite the opposite. There are tons of reasons to fall in love with an engineer. We have listed ten of them here. And no, we're not deadly serious about the list.

A catch for eternity: Engineers say that loyalty is particularly important in a relationship.

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Engineers sometimes invent something that has nothing to do with technology, like the first bikini here. It was developed by the French engineer Louis Reard. The photo shows Micheline Bernardini, a nude dancer from the Paris casino, who presented the piece on July 5, 1946 in a swimming pool in Paris.

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The American engineer and inventor Thomas Alva Edison in 1878 with his phonograph, which he exhibited at the National Academy of Science in Washington.

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Engineer at the Hannover Messe: They explain the world to you - from the detail to the big picture.

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1. Nothing is to be sworn to the engineer

That is the reason for the reasons - and since the comics with the inventor and engineer Daniel Düsentrieb, who invented the saying, the motto of engineers. However, it is not just a work motto, but can be applied to all situations in life. The way is too far, the car is broken, you are running out of time? An engineer won't be put off by this and will surely find a way to get to you.

2. Engineers always have a solution

Got a problem that you just can't solve? You don't know what to do because somehow nothing goes together? Ask an engineer. He has a solution. And if not, he'll analyze the problem and find one. The only requirement: you have to be able to name the situation concretely. “I don't know either” or “That feels kind of stupid” are not correct descriptions of the problem.

3. The choice is great

Anyone who sets out to find an engineer for life has a wide range of options: The selection of specialist areas is broad; From mechanical engineering to architecture to computer science, everything is included that has anything to do with technology, construction and creative processes. In addition, there are more than 1.6 million copies in Germany alone, as the Cologne Institute for Economic Research has determined.

Nobody has to compromise on gender either: women are still in the minority in the industry, but have been on the rise for a few years.

4. Engineers are flexible

You don't have the right tools in your closet? There is sure to be something in the kitchen drawer that you can use. The way to the restaurant along the coastal road is blocked? Then you just get yourself a rubber dinghy and paddle there. Are you missing the candles for the romantic dinner? The quietly glowing grill does it too. The engineer can embark on unconventional ideas with flying colors. As the perfect partner, you should of course be able to do that too.

5. Engineers are creative

Ideas quickly take shape in engineers' heads - sometimes an unusual one. After all, it is the essence of the engineering job to develop products, machines or houses from thoughts. And if at some point the Indian tent in the living room or the tree house in the garden are in demand: Mr. or Mrs. Engineer will do it.

6. A lack of planning is a thing of the past

Engineers always have a plan - whether for setting up the kitchen or for the next weekend. Get involved and everything will run like clockwork. However, you have to expect that spontaneous trips to the lake will somehow ... become less spontaneous. But at least you haven't forgotten anything, and everything fits in the trunk.

7. Engineers stand for reality instead of appearance

A fat car, a winning smile, but neither charm nor fantasy and certainly no real feelings? Not your engineer. Air numbers are - at least in the figurative sense - not his thing: he prefers being over appearance. If you can deal with sitting in a practical Golf instead of a Porsche after answering the question “With me or with you?”, You've both won. Because you get what you see. And mostly more.

8. Engineers are good at explaining

They explain the world to you - from the detail to the big picture. And they can. Because physics, technology and related things can be fun. When you understand what is related to what, star gazing together takes on a completely different meaning. And zero-eight-fifteen declarations of love are also a thing of the past - they are a bit more subtle.

9. Engineers listen. So mostly

Engineers understand why there are instructions for assembling furniture and directions - after all, that's part of their job. Whether they also use this ability in their private life is another matter. Real men just don't ask for directions and female engineers don't need to do that anyway. And anyway, IKEA only put the assembly instructions in the package for children's entertainment, right?

10. A catch for the ages

You don't need to worry about competition: engineers say that loyalty is particularly important in a relationship, as a survey of relevant partner portals has shown. In addition, the notoriously practical clothing style of the male models with comfortable shoes and a checked shirt is rather bad for foreign flirting. And most engineers are also shy, as a survey at Parship and ElitePartner has shown.

After these ten reasons for love nothing stands in the way of a wedding. The colleagues at VDI consider it advisable to tie an engineer directly to you.

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