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Empezando por el socio de mi equipo, solamente le interesa el trabajo, los medios no le interesa, si para lograr un objetivo significa sacrificar a una persona (hablando de su salud y mentalmente) él 100% lo hará, pero bueno al final está protegido por el área de RH, además de que es un misógino, anda con varias ahí mismo en el despacho y siempre trata de hacerte menos (cuando no le parece algo), pero bueno ese es un líder que se tiene ahí en la empresa, no diré el nombre solamente diré que es conocido como "Lord me bajo", y bueno para poder trascender en ese equipo necesitas ser su consentida o ir por un "café", muchos del equipo e incluso fuera de, estoy segura que piensan lo mismo pero por miedo a algo no dicen nada.
Seguro de Gasto Médico y buenas prestaciones
Sfruttano le persone come se fossero una Big. Senior incompetenti e frustrati (non tutti, ma la maggior parte).
Disorganizzazione totale nella pianificazione del personale.
A meno che non si voglia fare tutta la vita revisione, mettere nel Curriculum Vitae il nome Mazars non serve a nulla in quanto è sconosciuto dalla maggior parte degli HR.
Purtroppo, also a level professionale non si impara niente che può essere utile a svolgere altri lavori.
Not si impara niente che possa servire nel futuro professionale
audit associate (Former Employee) - Hong Kong Island - April 2, 2021
Female chauvinism
Associates - Hong Kong
French company, no big different from other foreign fashion / cosmetics company in Hong Kong.

Hire chick (on company website and social media) to sell sex (or appearance)
Train them become bitch to sell Female chauvinism
Underperformed uneducated non cpa woman never being fired.
emphasis on woman benefits
No sense of appreciation of the work you do. Extremely laid back culture which has its pros and cons. Unfortunately I would not recommend to a friend because I was unhappy there and felt there was no sense of development / growth.
No personal development / appraisal process
Ik heb mij bij Mazars geen seconde een 'stagiair' gevoeld. Al vanaf de sollicitatieprocedure will be used in the mening series and will be carried out with a capacity test uit te voeren. This is iets wat mij snel vertrouwen gaf within de onderneming.

Within the organization heb ik veel verantwoordelijkheden gekregen en kreeg ik de ruimte om mij te ontwikkelen. Mijn zelfontwikkeling is central here. Daarom is here in gefaciliteerd in tijd, seminars en veel persoonlijke begeleiding.

Tenslotte is het een erg gezellige werkomgeving waar - ook gedurende het thuiswerken - oog is op een leuke werksfeer. Het is a great organization, maar doordat ever in a team works, voelt het niet as massive organization was ever a number ever needed. Ik voel mij here gezien en besoord en ben blij dat ik here mijn stage uit heb gevoerd. Zeker een aanrader!
Work-life balance, sfeer, zelfontwikkeling, zelfstandigheid, begeleiding, flexible work
Lots of overtime, not just during the busy season, but all year round. If you manage all of your tasks, you get tasks from colleagues ... in part, this is a problem that I created myself (at least in my team): The client should receive prompt feedback, so you stay longer. The management, which actually doesn't want overtime, only sees that the work has been done, with the result that no additional staff have to be hired. Under certain circumstances, however, there are more tasks (you still have capacities, otherwise you wouldn't have managed everything).

Vacation planning is generally difficult; no vacation should be taken from October to May. Anything over 2 weeks (in my case 2 weeks and 1 day) is already “really, very long”.

At the management level, each individual is generally fine. You should be careful when the management level forms a unit with long-term employees. You hardly have the opportunity to describe a situation from your point of view or to criticize long-term employees. Without evidence, the management level is per long-term employee.

I am aware that there are definitely worse employers. Nevertheless, I consciously advise my friends not to work at Mazars.
Good mix of experienced and inexperienced employees, good location
No job ticket, bad work-life balance
Après 3 ans de travail chez Mazars, j’étais bien content de poser ma démission.
Manager tyrannique
RH inaccessible qui change chaque année de processus au dépriment des salariés.
Les collaborateurs sont traités comme des ressources, des points.
Cependant, on rencontre des gens formidables dans notre promotion et rien que pour ça, ça vaut le coup d'y travailler.