Why do babies cry on airplanes

Baby screams on the plane, then stranger intervenes

A mother flies from Orlando to Philadelphia with her toddler when her daughter keeps crying. A stranger calms the girl down with a helpful gesture that almost moves the mother to tears

A crying toddler on the plane is not uncommon - and is usually a heartbreaking affair not only for the mother, but also for everyone involved. The unfamiliar situation on the plane, the loud noises of the turbines or the queasy feeling in the stomach caused by turbulence, intimidated or even frightened - and cannot fight the tumbling tears.

Lucy was born a premature baby

Kelsey Zwick from the USA, who flew with her daughter from Orlando to Philadelphia on December 6, 2018, also had to take care of her screaming eleven-month-old daughter Lucy when she boarded the plane. The little girl was born prematurely with her twin sister and had to be nursed to the neonatal intensive care unit for 100 days. Since then, Lucy has suffered from chronic pneumonia and has to be ventilated with an oxygen machine.

The mother and her daughter flew to Philadelphia for treatment

For Lucy's treatment in a Philadelphia hospital, the Kelsey had no choice but to accept a nearly two and a half hour flight. In a Facebook post, the mother wrote: "After we were boarded, Lucy and I made ourselves comfortable in the window seat. I was joking and told everyone around us that they were sitting next to a screaming but happy child. " But shortly afterwards a flight attendant came to tell her something.

Foreign passenger swapped first-class seats with mother and baby

A passenger must have seen the mother with the baby when boarding. The stranger announced through the stewardess that he wanted to swap his first class seat with her. Kelsey, touched by this helpful and more than generous action by the man, wrote in her Facebook post: "I could hardly hold back my tears. Lucy laughed. She felt the kindness and friendliness too. I thanked you, but could I haven't really thanked you sincerely yet. " Kelsey tried to locate the strange helper by calling and animating her friends to share this post.

And it worked: The airline American Airline finally gave the decisive hint and Kelsey Zwick was able to thank the man in 2D personally, as reported by the American news channel ABC News. "Thank you for paying attention and showing us your kindness," Kelsey wrote thankfully on Facebook.

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