Could I be considered a mixed race

Is a child who is accepted into a mixed family also considered a mixed race? [closed]

Legal questions depend on the country you are asking for as every country is different.

In contrast to, it is generally viewed as a physical trait - that is, it does not describe the culture in which you grew up, but describes yourself genetically - or at least personally.

However, in the US at least, it's still viewed as something that you mostly define yourself. If you think you are white, you are white. If you think you're black, you are. The same goes for mixed races.

Cases where there are exceptions are primarily cases where there are certain benefits based on race - especially scholarships. There the scholarship can have a certain rule ("must have at least one grandparent" or something similar). But even in most cases it is very difficult to tell, and so most of them are based on ethnicity rather than race. Racial preferences for positive action are almost always based on self-reported breeds, so what you think of yourself is up to you.

Of course, if you are aware of your biological ancestry, you can find out what race your parents are and determine yours from that. If you are unconscious then it is worth considering which breed you think is appropriate. You might consider genetic testing if you'd like to find out which race (s) you share most of the DNA with. However, it probably isn't necessary unless you want to know.

Ultimately, you should make a choice based on how you feel. Applying for a job or university allows you to make your own choice and you won't question it.