The healthcare industry is growing

Digital healthcare market in Europe is expected to grow to around 155 billion euros by 2025 (PHOTO)

Munich (ots) - In Germany alone, the market volume for digital health solutions could rise to 38 billion euros

- Artificial intelligence could take over a fifth of all medical tasks

- Technology companies will establish themselves in the health market

The market for digital products and services in the healthcare sector is advancing faster than previously assumed: By 2025, the European market volume is expected to be around 155 billion euros - 38 billion euros of which in Germany alone. Digitization, especially in the form of artificial intelligence (AI), is the biggest driver of this transformation, according to the new Roland Berger study "Future of Health: An industry is digitizing - more radically than expected". 400 international experts from the health market were interviewed for the publication.

"This rapid development in the health sector will force all market players, patients, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies to rethink", predicts Karsten Neumann, partner at Roland Berger. "The commitment of technology groups from East and West will lead to new competition that the established companies will have to grapple with"

Digital prevention and AI diagnostics provide the greatest boost

The respondents expect the biggest growth spurt from digital disease prevention and AI diagnostics. These applications are followed by AI-based therapy decisions and digital therapies. "The experts we interviewed assume that in six years' time a fifth of medical services could be covered by AI," says Karsten Neumann. The market volume for health, diagnostic and self-monitoring apps alone is expected to increase to 16 billion euros by 2025.

At the same time, digitalization is defining new framework conditions, for example in communication between insurance companies and their customers. Seven out of ten experts expect that more and more insured persons will digitally document relevant data on their state of health and make it available to their insurance companies voluntarily in order to obtain better conditions. "All health insurance companies are working intensively on digital offers. However, the experts surveyed expect far-reaching changes that go beyond the internal scenarios of many hospitals," explains Neumann.

Technology companies will expand market share

The pressure on established companies in the healthcare sector will definitely increase in the coming years, as market participants from outside the industry create competition. 60 percent of those surveyed are certain that the large technology groups will be among the established players in the healthcare sector in 2025.

New competition also arises from start-ups that challenge established companies with innovative ideas. Due to the positive market outlook, you don't have to worry about financing at the moment, as long as you have a good business model: for example, venture capital financing in the digital health sector exceeded the 4.5 billion euro mark for the first time in the first half of 2019. In the first quarter of 2019, 371 transactions were carried out worldwide, 78 of them in Europe.

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