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Are you looking for good bedroom furniture offers? Then you are exactly right here...- We have extensively tested some furniture and designer shops and here we present the popular bedroom furniture offers and special features. Get an overview and find out which shop and which offers are suitable for you.



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Of some rooms in the house, the bedroom is perhaps the most personal. Although it is rarely seen by anyone other than its owner (unless it is a guest room), a bedroom can be a perfect place to give full expression of personality and design flair.

Choosing a bed, furniture and accompanying is incredibly important; we spend up to a third of our lives in our bedroom. Obviously we are unaware of our surroundings for much of the time to sleep, but the times spent before and after sleep are incredibly formative, both from the quality of sleep we are about to have, and the day to come. The recipe for a fantastic day starts with the bedroom, where the use of designer furniture, careful decoration and room textile choices make the room an oasis of calm. As the largest piece of furniture yourself, a bed is of course your most important design choice.

So it is often worth splashing out & buying the popular bed you can afford to match designer furniture. Designer furniture will always look good, not dictated by fashion, but always to the minute. In general, the better designer beds by Italian furniture makers like Bonaldo and Jesse really stand the test of time, not only in quality but also in style. So-called "trendy" furniture tends to be very dated a few years ago, but upscale Italian furniture will always look great.

But first the practical considerations. Most couples prefer a bed as large as the room allows - king size if possible - so that both can comfortably stretch out and indulge. However, king-size or super-king-size beds can slightly dominate over a small room, so it may be better to buy a double bed instead. At only 135cms wide, double beds are still big enough to fit two but compact enough to work well in smaller spaces. Choosing the bed size is very important. Claustrophobia is not a good "feeling" for a bedroom. A bed must be at least six inches longer than its tallest occupant so in a small room, width may be too long to be sacrificed.

Consider all of the storage space that you have at your disposal. A four-poster bed might look wonderful on the pages in the catalog or in the showroom, but would it really suit your room? Are your ceilings high enough? Is the room spacious with a lot of empty space? If not it is to avoid these beds as what suit a beautiful Tuscan villa doesn't look so good in a small modern bedroom.

Modern beds are always a safe bet, as styles can be chosen to be as unobtrusive as possible, unless of course you want to make the bed the absolute focal point of a room. Most contemporary beds are quite low - you get a sense of space and light for smaller rooms. Larger rooms are suited to king-size beds where single beds or smaller double beds would be swallowed up by the room.

The space around your bed and other bedroom furniture is also important. Think about how you and your partner can move around the bedroom. Does progress want to be hindered too much? Is there enough space for a dress? Are there any sharp corners that will be painful when bumped into? A well built, bespoke wardrobe can answer your inventory, or maybe separate pieces of carefully chosen designer furniture. Tallboys will give a lot of storage space without losing too much precious storage space and can be a convenient way to keep the usual small bedroom objects, such as hairbrushes out of sight but within reach. A bedroom is a very heavily inhabited room, and certificates for everyday life and the essential "clutter" of a bedroom should be made: glasses of drinking water, glasses, books and magazines.

When choosing any piece of designer furniture or accessories for your bedroom, try to complement each piece with the next, thereby creating a unified whole. It is perfectly acceptable to mix styles, urban and rustic, old and modern. It is increasingly common to see contemporary design in older settings, like barn, remodeling, and of course there are always elements of technology that we wouldn't want to do without even designing in a period. Halogen lighting, hidden sound systems, and even televisions (artfully hidden) can make their mark in a Shaker-style bedroom too! Remember that the bedroom design should suit you and your taste.





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