Why are you attending business seminars

Build expertise for smarter business processes

Get to know your path to success

Those who are regarded as experts in their field can also increase their sales more easily. Everything starts with specialist knowledge. A well-trained team means improved performance, higher customer satisfaction, and better business. Our goal is for you to get faster, grow, and eventually win in an ever-changing world.

“At Axis, we believe in partnership and quality. Our academy works according to this principle. With well-structured, up-to-date training courses, we give our partners the opportunity to use technology to help create a safer and smarter world. ”

Rudie Opperman, Regional Engineering & Training Manager

How do you start

We offer training packages at different levels suitable for different roles in the sales and business areas of the industry. We recommend that you start with the introductory program and move on step by step.

First step
  • Ten reasons to switch to IP-based video systems (web article)
  • It's Time to Switch to Network Video (Business Seminar) *
  • Sell ​​Network Video (Business Seminar) *
  • Accelerate Network Video Sales (Business Seminar) *
  • Network video for IT integrators (business seminar) *
  • Boost sales with thermal imaging cameras from Axis (business seminar) *
  • Use of video encoders (business seminar) *

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